The thing that is keeping you (and us!) in scarcity is your idea of what abundance is. . .

I’m Teresa Romain…

For more than 27 years as an Abundance Coach, I’ve helped my clients experience greater well-being in their lives AND bank accounts. Add to that – freedom, joy and ease; peace of mind and fulfillment.

For those same 27 years, I’ve also been the poster child for the saying “you teach best what you most need to learn yourself”.

You see, I’ve experienced a lot of scarcity in my life – especially when it comes to money. That’s why I’ve studied, learned, taught AND practiced everything I could get my hands on. I was searching for the thing that would support me and my clients to experience abundance.

Yet, no matter how much money I made or how much debt I paid off, it was never enough. No matter what I did or accomplished, no matter how much I had – my inner experience of “not enough” never went away.

The same was true for my clients. No matter how much progress they made or success they achieved, it was never enough.

Now I know why.   Read my full story here.

I was constantly doing all of “the things” I thought I needed to do to grow my business – trying one thing after another – but nothing was really sticking. The way Teresa approaches abundance is SO DIFFERENT – that’s what makes it work! Not only has my business expanded significantly, I’m enjoying my life more!

Danielle Burken

Owner, Danielle Burken Marketing


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So what’s with the chair in your logo?

The chair is a symbol and reminder of my mission to help liberate our world from the scarcity-based relationship with money and life that we’ve all inherited.

The current model we have for money and abundance is, in many ways, like a worldwide game of musical chairs.

Remember that game, my friend?

Remember the fear, pressure, competition, and stress you felt?

The loneliness and sense of failure when you lost and had to watch from the sideline?

It’s a game built on scarcity. There aren’t enough chairs for everyone and there never will be.

Teresa sitting in a chair with empty chairs on either side of her

It’s time we play a new game – one that is the exact opposite of musical chairs!

I call this new game “a chair for everyone” and it includes a perfect-fit, comfy chair for YOU!

We do so by embracing a new definition of abundance – one that offers a new model for money and life.

One that gives you and me the opportunity to co-create a world where ALL people have the resources they need to live rich and meaningful lives. Where everyone – and our planet – can prosper.

Want to join me in this mission?

group of chairs with empty space for another chair

Add Your Chair to Our Community!

When I started coaching with Teresa, I was sick and tired of working my butt off and still running on empty – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. It was the BEST money I ever spent – not only to get my money flowing positively but also for my personal sanity!

Jenifer Wilhelm-Draeger

Owner & CEO, These Hands School of Massage

This simple garden hose is about to become your greatest teacher in terms of unblocking the flow of money and abundance in your life.

Learn how to start opening the flow >>>

Money was the last frontier of my own growth. I loved the rest of my life. I had a great life. I was doing the work I wanted to do with my life. I had great relationships. I had a great connection with the Divine – or thought I did until I started working with Teresa. That’s when I saw that the Divine had so much more for me than what I had been willing to let in. That was a game-changer for me!

Robin Ann Reid

Soul Coach & Energy Healer

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