Last Saturday, this one-liner of truth popped into my mind like a firecracker going off…

“I wouldn’t recognize abundance if it was biting me in the butt.”
(Actually, the original thought used a different word for that part of my anatomy. But I’ll keep this message clean.) 🤪

It was a regular day. Nothing “special” was happening. Except…

I was alive.

In fact, I was feeling better than I had in more than a week. (I had a nasty cold that I couldn’t shake.)

The birds were singing and chirping gloriously. Red-winged blackbirds. Robins. Blue jays. Cardinals. Black-capped chickadees. House finches. Grackles. Canadian geese. And, of course, my beloved cranes.

purple hyacinths bloomingThe grass was turning green – much to the delight of the rabbit I watched munching away on it.

The purple & white hyacinths we planted near our back door were in full blossom. The lilac bushes and apple trees were budding out.

The sun was shining in the midst of a blue sky and a gentle breeze was drying the clothes I had just hung on the line.

Dan had gone grocery shopping in Madison the day before. That meant our fridge was stocked with fresh veggies and other food to eat. So was our pantry.

The electricity to our house was working. Which meant our fridge could store the food, our stove could cook it and I could use my computer to tell you all about it.

I poured myself a glass of fresh water – straight from the underground artesian spring. (This spring supplies the BEST water to and throughout our home.)

I got a phone call from a friend that day. I also received several messages from friends via Marco Polo, Facebook and text.

I was in FULL creative mode planning my new webinar and my upcoming LIVE workshop. When I’m in that space, time both flies by AND stands still. In the midst of it, I realized – again – how blessed I am to be able to do this work I love. Work that challenges me to grow and that supports others to do the same.

I could go on and on.

All of it reminded me of something I learned from my coach, Pat Honiotes. Years ago, she introduced me to a powerful morning ritual. It’s one I have since shared with many of my clients. The ritual is to ask myself this question…

“Do I have all that I need for TODAY?”

In other words, do I have the food to eat, water to drink, a safe place to live and sleep that DAY? Do I have the money I need to pay any bills that are due THAT day? Do I have people in my life who love me and whom I love in return?

Because if the answer is “yes”, then I can live that day in an experience of abundance. No scarcity. No fear. (That only happens when I start thinking about the future.)

It’s a powerful practice – one I encourage you to try.

But here’s the truth. My answer to that question has NEVER been “YES”.

It’s always been “YES… and SO MUCH MORE!”

Talk about abundance!

So why did I suddenly get this “truth-bomb” saying “I wouldn’t know abundance if it bit me in the butt?”

It’s because, once again, I get sucked back into believing what the world teaches us about abundance. That it’s a goal to achieve. A destination to reach.

But this idea of abundance makes it something SEPARATE from us. It makes it a place OUT THERE. A place we hope to get to – ONE DAY.

And so sometimes I get so focused on doing all the things I think I have to do to get “THERE” that I miss what’s RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

Combine that with with the habit I have (as do many people) of seeing more of what I DON’T have than what I DO have. Even if I do see it, I SO often “not enough” it.

Last Saturday, abundance was staring me straight in the face. It was there – right in front of my eyes.

Only I wasn’t SEEING it – so I wasn’t EXPERIENCING it.

It had to bite me in the butt to get my attention. AND my appreciation.

It worked.

Any chance it’s biting you in the butt as well, my friend?

Any chance it’s right in front of your eyes but you’re not seeing it? Or that you’re “not enoughing it?”

If so, I invite you to look again. To ask yourself the question Pat gave me so long ago.

And to discover if, like me, your answer is…


With MUCH love & gratitude~



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