Today is the eight-year anniversary of the day my life changed – forever.

Until now, I’ve only shared PART of that story publicly. Today, in gratitude for that moment, I felt called to share the WHOLE story.

I do so because I know that MY story might be YOUR story, my friend. To a greater or lesser degree, you might recognize yourself in it. And, I hope, be inspired by it.

And that hearing my story might FREE YOU to say “Yes!” to yourself in ways you might otherwise not do.
To say YES…

✔️ to fully being ALIVE.

✔️ to fully being the unique human being you were created to be.

✔️ to the voice of your Soul (not the limiting and imprisoning voices in your mind.)

✔️ to living in abundance instead of living in scarcity.

I’m not going to say much more – I said it all in this video.  Please watch it now.

(I admit it’s a longer video than normal. But I think you’ll discover it’s worth the time to watch it. That’s because YOU are worth it!

From my heart to yours, my friend…

I send you the gifts of love, courage, hope, faith and joy… IN abundance!


P.S. If you want to take me up on the invitation I made at the end of the video, you can do so here!