Today’s the day we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States. But no matter where you live, I hope that today is a day when you are more present to the many gifts you have been given in your life – especially the gift of life!

As much as I love and celebrate this holiday of abundance, recently I’ve come to think that we’ve got Thanksgiving BACKWARDS. I shared my thoughts in a video this past Monday that I now want to share with you.

What if TRUE “thanksgiving” isn’t so much about “thanks” but “giving”? WARNING: This video might give you a head-tilt! More than that, I hope it gives you a “HEART-tilt!”

Because in it I suggest that we stop thinking of “thanksgiving” as a noun and start making it a verb.

Watch it now to find out what I mean…

I hope this video sparks some meaningful reflections and conversations among your friends and family. Know that I’d love to hear your response on it!

Wishing you a day of great Thanks-Giving, my friend – no matter where you live!