On a Monday morning last March,  I woke up freaking out – in the midst of the worst “scarcity attack” I’ve had in YEARS!  I’m writing about it now to share a bit of what has happened since – and the gift if led me to create FOR YOU! 

It began the night before when a current client said “yes” to a nine-month coaching program with me.  She also said she would be paying her $10,000 tuition in full.  I know – that sounds more like ABUNDANCE than scarcity.

And my immediate response was one of gratitude. Gratitude that she wanted to continue to work with me.  Gratitude that I’d get to continue to support and witness her growth.   Truth be told, my friend, I’ve been rebuilding my business from the ground up this year – doubly so since that day in March.

I awoke the next morning in a panic with my mind racing this…

“I have NO IDEA where my next income will come from – or when I’ll have some.  What if the new things I’m developing don’t work?  What if no one wants it?”

That quickly led to…

“If I don’t figure it out, all of this money will be gone in a few months.  By July, my business will be broke.”

By then I was in a freefall of fear…

“I’m going to fail.  I’ve come all this way, worked so long, finally think I have it figured out – and I’m still going to fail.”

And on the heels of all that came shame…

“Some Abundance Coach I am.  I can’t even make the money I need to live.”

Yep!  On that Monday morning last March, I was sinking deeper and deeper into scarcity despite clear abundance.

Once again, I was caught up in the subconscious, inherited, collective belief system I now call The Archetype of Scarcity.  Like the operating system on our computers, this Archetype runs in the background.  We don’t think about it but everything we do in our lives runs on top of it.

And it ALWAYS produces fear – even if we don’t realize it or like to admit it. From abject terror to mild anxiety. From guilt to shame. From paralysis to exhausting driven-ness.  All stemming from the fear of “not enough” – especially when it comes to the money we need to live.

You see, my friend, there was just enough truth to what I was thinking that Monday morning to trigger my “scarcity attack”.  If I didn’t create programs that people want and/or I didn’t market them effectively, then my business wouldn’t have income. And if I didn’t make any more money, I WOULD go broke. If not in July, then in August or September.

It’s the seed of truth or “reality” that fear preys upon. That keeps us from seeing the larger LIE behind the fear.

In the Archetype of Scarcity, we think it’s up to us to figure it out and fix it.  To get rid of what is causing us to feel afraid.  Last Monday, I was thinking that I had to figure it out.  I thought I had to make it happen.  I thought I had to make the money I needed.

GONE was the awareness that I don’t have to make the oxygen I’m breathing.

GONE was remembering that true Abundance is knowing that I’m part of Something Bigger than me and my individual efforts.  That it’s not all up to me.

GONE was my trust that – connected to that Something Bigger – I have access to all that I need.  I may not see it. I may not know how to access it.  But I can trust it’s available – ALWAYS.

You see, my friend,  the “operating system” for our lives and this universe is not one of scarcity! It’s one of ABUNDANCE – what I now call The Sacred Archetype of Abundance.

The problem is that we haven’t learned about it.  It got “deactivated” long ago and replaced by The Archetype of Scarcity.  And in that “operating system”, no amount of money… no amount of MORE… will ever be enough to stop the fear.  Be it $10,000 or $100, 000.

Fortunately, I’ve been doing this work long enough that I knew how to “re-activate” The Archetype of Abundance.   Once I did, I recognized that even my “scarcity attack” was a GIFT!   (FYI – I’ll write more about how it was a GIFT in another post soon.)

This is what I want you to be able to experience in your life AND in your relationship with money, my friend.  So you can avoid (or escape) your own “scarcity attacks”.  My wish is for you to be able to shift “operating systems”.  So that you can experience the freedom, joy, peace and well-being in your life – no matter how much money you have at any given moment.

I have had to practice this “shift” over and over again since last March.  It hasn’t always been EASY but it has definitely been worth it.  It’s an empowering shift that has allowed me to experience ease, freedom, peace of mind and joy.

Not to mention that it’s August and I’m still in business – YAY! Over these past months, I’ve had the money I’ve needed – just when I’ve needed it – to keep moving forward AND enjoy my life. It’s been a journey of faith AND it’s been a journey of abundance.

And that’s the WHOLE IDEA, my friend.

I realize I realize that – right now – you may not have a clue how to make this shift. That’s okay.

The more important thing is simply this…

Do you WANT to make this shift? Or, at least, do you WANT to learn more about it?

If you said “YES” as I hope, then I’m excited to share with you a series of FREE videos I’ve created to help you get started.

You can BEGIN HERE>>> (Simply read through and click on the link on this page.)

My friend, know that ALL that you need to fully live the unique life you were created to live IS available to you – including money. Even if you can’t see it. Even if you don’t know how to access it. Even if you think you don’t deserve it.

Because the truth is – you DO. Which is EXACTLY what you will realize when you change “operating systems”.

Begin your shift today!