This past week, I had three different conversations with three different women having the SAME experience. (And it wasn’t fun or an abundant one!)

All of which reminded me of Kitsu – a one-year old dog Dan and I cared for about 15 years ago. It’s such a memorable and powerful story (FUNNY too!) that I decided to make a special video to share it with you.

If you’ve ever felt fear, desperation, panic, pressure, stress, overwhelm, frustration and/or exhaustion in your life – especially when it comes to money – this video and story is dedicated to you. (NOTE: I include myself in that dedication! )

If I say any more, I’m going to spoil it. So just know that there’s a powerful lesson about abundance inside. Which is why I invite you to watch it now>>>>

Then please let me know how and if this story spoke to you, my friend! I’d REALLY love to hear!

Get ready to laugh – at ME! AND, I think, to really relate to this story and message.



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