It’s a question I’ve asked and been asked a zillion times these past 27+ years.

Abundance…. IS it or is it NOT about money?

To begin, note that the question is presented as an either/or choice. Which makes sense – because that’s how the logical, dualistic and egoic human mind works. It separates and divides.

Yet abundance, my friend, is always a function of AND. Abundance is wholeness. Abundance connects and unifies. It never divides or separates.

And so the simple answer to the question is…

It’s BOTH! It IS about money and it’s NOT about money.

To explain, walk with me (via your imagination) into the apple orchard we have on our property.

Trees with red apples in an orchardIt consists of about 18 apple trees and one cherry tree Dan planted many years ago. He planted a pear tree at the same time, but it didn’t make it. 😢

Still, Dan dreams of having a pear tree. 😊

So here’s my question to you…

If we go out in September, pick all the apples off a tree and tie pears to its branches – will Dan have his pear tree?

Of course not!

The EXTERNALS aren’t what make a pear tree a pear tree.

In much the same way, MONEY isn’t what makes you abundant, my friend.

This fact (head tilt!) almost always begs the question…

So what does?

Let me answer by asking you a question – silly as it may seem.

hand holding apple seedsCould Dan take some apple seeds from our Fall harvest to grow his beloved pear tree?

Clearly, the answer is NO!

The simple truth is that seed you start with determines what grows.

And yet, it’s not even the seed, my friend – it’s what’s INSIDE the seed.

What’s inside a seed is what determines what grows from it. It’s the DNA inside a pear seed that grows a pear tree.

Having said that, I’m clear that the pear seed needs the right EXTERNAL conditions to grow into a pear tree. It needs to be planted in good soil. It needs the the right amount of water and sunlight. And so on.

But those external conditions are not what make it “pear”.

They are the resources that help the pear seed express it inner “pear-ness”.

First, by breaking through its shell. Then sprouting some roots. Then sprouting upward through the dirt and into the sunlight. Then growing branches and leaves. Then blossoming and, if all goes well – eventually producing fruit.

But it’s not the production of fruit that make it “pear”. What makes it “pear” is what’s INSIDE the seed.

“Pear-ness” is an INTERNAL experience before it can ever become an EXTERNAL result.

And so it is with abundance, my friend. Contrary to our society often has us believe, abundance is an INTERNAL experience.

Abundance is our DNA.

Growing up in the Christian tradition, I repeatedly heard a story from the book of Genesis. It’s a story shared by those of the Jewish and Islam tradition. It tells us that we are created in the image (or nature) of the God who created this vast and abundant universe.

Our essential nature is DIVINE. It’s our DNA (which stands for Divine Nature of Abundance).

As such, abundance is an INTERNAL experience that is not about money and how much of it you have. It’s not about the house you live in or the car you drive. It’s not dependent on how much you accomplish or don’t accomplish, on how successful or unsuccessful you are.

Abundance is not dependent upon or a function of EXTERNAL results.

Abundance is what we experience when we recognize, claim and embody who we are on the INSIDE. When we embrace our DNA and express it outwardly through our choices and actions.

And so…

Abundance is NOT about money.

Got it?

And yet it IS about money, ! 🤪

The why of that statement is what I’ll explore with you in next Thursday’s email.

This is my version of a cliffhanger. 🤣🤣🤣

Until then, I’d love to hear from you, my friend.

How has this email supported and/or affirmed you? How has if (if it has) shifted the way you think about abundance and the way you think about yourself?

Seriously, I’d REALLY love to hear from you!

Until next Thursday, , enjoy being the unique expression of the Divine that you are!


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