“What about the money, Teresa?”

That question came to me like a thunderbolt in the quiet of an early morning three weeks ago.  It’s a question I hear my clients asking all the time – even if they don’t say it out loud.  In truth, it’s a question I keep asking myself.

It’s time for a shift – a shift in the way we think about and engage with money.  It’s time to embrace the paradox that abundance is NOT about money and yet it IS about money.   I know it’s a shift I’m ready for.  I suspect you are as well, my friend.  

In this video (originally recorded as a Facebook-LIVE), I’ll be inviting you to visit our apple orchard to discover the answer to the question… “Abundance – IS it or is it NOT about money?”

Once you’ve watched it, please share in the comments what SHIFTED for you as a result of this episode – as well as any questions or comments you have.