Manifestation. Law of attraction. Affirmations. Abundance mindset. Calling in more abundance. Attracting more abundance into your life.


I see these concepts shared in social media posts or on podcasts all the time. God knows I’ve said and shared similar messages in the past.

But now it pisses me off every time I see a post about ‘calling in more abundance’. Or ‘manifesting more abundance’. Because it’s just plain wrong.

You CANNOT attract more abundance into your life, my friend!  Why?  Because YOU are not the one who “manifests” abundance!

Still, I encounter this way of thinking ALL the time. Right now, I’m in Colorado speaking at some Polka Dot Powerhouse meetings and I’m hearing it again and again.

That’s why I wanted to share this week’s video with you. Be forewarned – I got a little spicy! 🌶️🌶️🌶️

When you watch, be prepared to experience one “head tilt” after another. 🤪  All designed to support you to start experiencing abundance today! 😉👍

It’s a six-minute video that will have you looking at manifestation, abundance and the Law of Attraction in a completely new light.