As I’ve said before, I’ve asked and been asked a zillion times.

Abundance…. IS it or is it NOT about money?

As I emphatically shared last week, it’s NOT about money.  (If you didn’t read it or don’t remember why that’s so, you can read my head-tilting perspective here.)

To recap, abundance is, first and foremost, an INTERNAL experience.  It’s what we experience when we recognize, claim and embody who we are on the INSIDE.  When we embrace our Divine Nature of Abundance.  And when we express that DNA outwardly through our choices and actions.

Thus, abundance is NOT about money.

And yet, to FULLY express that DNA in our world, we need money.  We need money to grow into and fully become the unique human beings we were created to be.

Going back to the pear seed I wrote about last week, it needs water.

Whether it’s at the seed or seedling stage or a full-size tree, it needs water.  If it doesn’t get the water it needs – in just the right amounts – it will never produce the fruit.  (Despite its innate potential to do so.)

So being pear is NOT about water.  And yet being pear IS about water.

For a pear seed to become a pear tree, it needs EXTERNAL resources like water. And it needs to know how to recognize, absorb and utilize those resources in healthy and life-giving ways.

And the same is true for you, my friend.

Being abundant is not about MONEY.

And yet it IS about money and your ability to access and utilize it in life-giving ways.  Ways that support you to grow and thrive.  That support you to fully become the unique human being you were created to be.  And to produce the fruit you have the potential within you to produce.

And so, my friend, if you think MONEY is one of the things that’s blocking you from experiencing abundance…

If you’re not confident you know how to access and utilize money in ways that support you to grow and thrive…

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Because, as this video will remind you…

Abundance is NOT about money.

And abundance IS about money.

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With MUCH love~