We’re here to support you to fully live the unique life you were
created to live – a life of freedom, joy, fulfillment and contribution.
With all of the resources you need – including money.

What – you might be asking – is an “Abundancer?”

An “Abundancer” is someone who is engaged in the ongoing process of learning, remembering and practicing…

  • Embracing a new definition of abundance – one that is an INTERNAL experience to be expressed externally through their choices and actions. Choices and actions that create external “fruit”.
  • No longer living their life driven by the fear caused by an inaccurate perception of lack and not enough. This inaccurate perception perpetuates the experience of scarcity in their lives and our world. 
  • Living their lives focused on fully being the unique human being they were created to be – trusting that they are part of “Something Bigger” than their individual efforts.  Trusting that, as part of that Something Bigger, they have access to all that they need.
  • Transforming their scarcity-based relationship with money to one that is rooted in The Sacred Archetype of Abundance that we see in nature. AND that we experience every time we breathe.
  • No longer playing the “giant game of musical chairs” the Archetype of Scarcity has created in our world – where you have to fight, push, compete and hoard to have a chair or you’re out of the game.
  • Being part of playing and creating a new game for our world – one that is rooted in their own inherent worth and the inherent worth of all human beings and all of Creation.  To be part of a new game – a Divine Dance – called “A Chair for Everyone”. (Which includes a chair for themselves.)
  • Enjoying life AND money without the feelings of guilt and/or fear they often experience.
  • “Shaking things up” – including shaking their “buns” – by joining a community of “a-BUN-dancers”.

You’re describing me!  I want to be part of this community.

Registration for January opens December 27th.

The monthly membership fee is $100

Registration for January closes on January 6th.

I’m not sure yet – I’ll keep reading…


There’s one more thing to know about

being an Abundancer, my friend…

An Abundancer is willing to let go of the idea that they have to or should be able to do things themselves. They’ve tried the independent route all of their lives. They’ve been the “John Waynes” and “Jane Waynes” most of their lives. And they are TIRED of always acting like they can handle things themselves – or even THINKING that they should be able to do it themselves.

They are willing to let go of the unnecessary struggle and frustration that goes with trying to fix it, figure it our and/or “do it themselves.”  They are willing to embrace this simple truth… 

Abundance is NOT a solo sport.

That’s why I’ve created this community. 
Together, we can inspire, encourage and support each other. Together, we can create a SAFE and SACRED space to come out of hiding, OPEN UP and grow. A safe space where we learn WITH and FROM each other. 

So that – together – we can all more fully become the unique human beings we were created to be. So that, together, we can learn to trust in, see, access, utilize and share all of the life-giving resources that are available to us.

That’s what I want.  I want to be part of this community!

Registration for January opens December 27th.

The monthly membership fee is $100

Registration for January closes on January 6th.


 I need more details – let me keep reading…

Here’s what being in this community offers you…

  • Participation on the weekly “Money Shift Monday” broadcast.  During this 10-20 minute Facebook-LIVE broadcast, Teresa will share simple and empowering shifts you can make in your relationship with money, yourself and Abundance. Shifts that will transform fear, pressure, guilt and/or shame into freedom, joy, and peace – especially around money.
  • Participation in the weekly community coaching, connection & celebration call via Zoom. Each call takes place immediately after the LIVE broadcast and gives you an opportunity to dive deeper into the topic I cover in that day’s broadcast. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions, have “spotlight coaching” from Teresa and learn from other community members. It’s a time to be re-energized by the connection and celebrations we share.

The LIVE broadcast will take place each Monday at 11:30 a.m. CST followed immediately

by the Community Call.  The call will end by 1:00 p.m. CST.  Replays will be available. 

  • Membership in the PRIVATE Abundancer Community on Facebook. This provides you with an ongoing connection to people who are practicing what you are practicing for yourself. People who will encourage, inspire and support you.  People you will learn from and who will learn from you.  
  • A SIMPLE “abundance practice” to integrate into your life each week – with resources and tools to support you.  
  • Support, encouragement and accountability for you to take the actions that express your inner abundance (your Divine DNA) externally through your choices, actions and results.
  • A new “centered in abundance” meditation each month.  Each mediation will reconnect you with and OPEN you to the abundance that is within you and around you.

YES! I want the support and empowerment this community offers me. 

Registration for January opens December 27th.

The monthly membership fee is $100

Registration for January closes on January 6th.

Here’s what some of my clients say about what can when you choose to be part of a small community to get LIVE and interactive support…

“There’s a certain kind of magic that happens when you’re in the room with Teresa. She has a gift for being present to what shows up and working with it for the benefit of all the attendees. I’ve attended many workshops and small group intensives and I still marvel at the magic she creates for everyone – both in-person and online. 

Lisa Robbin Young
Founder, Ark Entertainment Media   Bloomington, IN

“Speaking as someone who has worked with her in multiple settings, Teresa’s gift and skill is the moments in between. When someone doesn’t understand, has a problem or asks a question. Those are the moments when her superpower kicks in and what comes out of it is amazing. Whether I’m the person who had the question or not, I end up having a new awareness or transformational moment. If you have an opportunity to work with Teresa in these informal, interactive discussions or events, absolutely say YES.”

Laura Hulleman
Founder & Creator, The Endotype Formula™  Merrimac, WI

“What I love and trust so much about working with Teresa is her incredible intuition and the clarity she provides. I’ve experienced her magic individually, in online workshops and in small group support calls. Every time, I walk away with a deeper understanding and experience of what she has taught. She does it all in a space of love, compassion and honesty for me and each person she works with. This is especially so when dealing with money.”

Nikky Plunkett
Founder, New Beginnings Life Coaching  Madison, WI

The choice is yours, my friend…

Will you claim your inner ABUNDANCER?

Are you in?

YES! I’m in!

Registration for January opens December 27th.

The monthly membership fee is $100

Registration for January closes on January 6th.