I want to share an important message and shift with you.

You see, my friend, one of the illusions that the Archetype of Scarcity creates and perpetuates is the idea that bigger is better and that MORE or LOTS is abundant. 

The result? 

Instead of flourishing in abundance, we wind up struggling with unnecessary scarcity. In truth, abundance is NOT a one-size-fits-all thing – especially when it comes to money. Thus, my message in this Money Shift Monday episode. 

It’s an abundance “koan” that will OPEN you to discover what you really need to grow and flourish – including the “right” amount of money. 

If you’ve ever felt “less than” compared to others…  

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed or ashamed because you haven’t done enough or made enough… 

If you’ve ever worked your butt off trying to have MORE or LOTS of money you thought would make you abundant, then this video is for you. 

What thoughts or messages came to your mind while I shared my “abundance koan”. Please feel free to comment in the section below.