If it seems that money is keeping you from living the life you long for…

If lack of money is causing you stress, pressure, frustration or fear…

If you’re unable to enjoy the money you have without feeling guilty or anxious…

Know that it’s not your fault.

You were born into a world built on an invisible Archetype of Scarcity.

This Archetype of Scarcity is like the operating system on your computer. It’s in the background, running everything you do on your computer. 

In the same way, this invisible Archetype of Scarcity is likely running your life and you don’t even realize it.  When it does, there’s never going to be enough money for you to fully say yes to your deepest desires and dreams.  To fully share the unique gifts you are meant to share with the world.   No matter what you do, how hard you work or how much money you make or save, it won’t be enough.

Even if you do have plenty of money, it’s likely you will still live in fear that you won’t have enough in the future. You might even feel guilty or embarrassed because you have so much when others have so little. This is especially true if you want even MORE. 

I have come to believe that what has scarcity persist in our lives – no matter how much or how little we have – is the definition of abundance our culture perpetuates.

Abundance is defined as the opposite of scarcity. Our focus, even if it’s subconscious, is on trying to get more money or more of what money can buy. When we don’t succeed, we often settle for less and convince ourselves we’re happy. We call it “making a living”.

But you aren’t meant to spend your adult life making a living, my friend. You were created for so much more. You were created on purpose, with purpose.  You are a unique expression of a Divine Creator with gifts to share with this world. You are meant to enjoy life – to enjoy being YOU – with all the resources you need.  (Including money.)

This is why I’m eager to tell you that there’s a forgotten Archetype of Abundance you can reclaim. It’s one that empowers you to live in unconditional freedom and joy – with infinite resources to support you.

Reclaiming this archetype begins by redefining abundance once and for all.   This new definition of abundance is the “activation key ” for installing a new “operating system” of abundance for your life.

Do you want to discover and begin to “activate” this new understanding of abundance in your life, my friend?

Just say “YES” and I’ll share it with you in a short video….