A few weeks ago, I got a Private Message on Facebook from someone whose name I didn’t remember. There was a photo attached that I did not recognize. Just as I was about to close the message (thinking it was spam), I read “I attended one of your workshops years ago.”

Suddenly, I remembered! He had attended one of my 3-day workshops back in the Fall of 2002. His message said that he had been going through old files and found his notes from my workshop. Besides telling me how valuable my workshop had been for him (YAY!), he found a picture that he wanted to share with me.

THIS is that picture. And if you don’t recognize it as me, I understand. Because I didn’t either!

Teresa Romain doing a presentation circa 2002

This picture doesn’t look like me because it really wasn’t ME.

This is a picture of the “me” I thought I needed to be in order to succeed. I was copying someone else’s blueprint for a professional businesswoman.

Check out the dull, pastel colors. And the corporate “dress for success” look with a scarf, dress slacks and a silky shirt. I’m not wearing it in the picture – but I had a matching double-breasted blazer that completed my ensemble.

Then, of course, there’s the HAIR! I had just colored my hair for the first time. Not because I wanted to – but because a girlfriend said I should. A girlfriend who WAS successful, wealthy and popular. She connected me with her [expensive] stylist and assured me he’d do a great job. Hesitant, I told him I wanted it to look natural. He assured me it would.

The only problem is that HIS idea of “natural” was the dark, rich red (bordering on auburn) you see in this photo. “Natural” for me meant strawberry-blonde. ☹️

And don’t even get me started on the dark red lipstick! What WAS I thinking?⚡

Bottom line, my friend, it doesn’t look like ME because I wasn’t being ME.

Having said that, you have to admit I look like the spitting image of Molly Ringwald in the movie, The Breakfast Club! 😆😆😆😆

I’m not judging myself for any of it. The fact that I wasn’t repelled by this picture AND that I’m sharing it with you indicates how much I’ve grown.

So does comparing that picture with this one. 👉

Teresa Romain with short hair, wearing a bright multicolored jacket and striking a silly pose

It was taken this past February as part of creating my new website.
The difference between them gives witness to the power of two principles I share with my clients.

The first principle: Hiding blocks the flow

The “Molly Ringwald” picture is actually me IN HIDING – despite the fact that I’m on stage speaking to 60+ people.

And my need to hide stemmed from those unconscious beliefs I had about myself.

That being me was not okay. That I was not good enough. That being like someone else was what I needed to do to be abundant.

And, yes, back then I equated abundance with making LOTS of money. 😳
It didn’t work – at so many levels and for so many reasons. Money wasn’t flowing in my life. Nor was joy, peace, fulfillment or well-being. Less than three years later, we filed bankruptcy.

Which leads to the second principle…

The second principle: EXTERNAL transformation is the natural outcome of INTERNAL transformation

Reflecting on these two pictures, here’s what I realized. First, if the Molly Ringwald version of me saw my 2024 picture, she would have been horrified. Because how I am today goes against all the “rules” and “strategies” she had adopted. Strategies to be accepted, to be successful, to fit in. To be loved.

What these two photos capture is more of an INTERNAL transformation than an external one. Despite the obvious external changes, my 2024 photo reveals an inner transformation. That who I am today embraces my inherent worth. It’s me, embracing the Light that is within me.

Today, I’m more OPEN. Clearly, I’ve come out of hiding. For the most part, I no longer attempt to hide or “dim” my brightness, goofiness or uniqueness. I’ve stopped trying to be something I’m not. I love wearing bright colors and fun jackets. I love to have fun and am quite a ham.

Back in 2002, I tried to be anyone BUT me. Today, I enjoy being ME.

Now, I trust WHO I am and WHOSE I am. I embrace and trust my DNA, i.e., Divine Nature of Abundance. Which, my friend, is the greatest gift of all.

It’s also why I wanted to share (and celebrate) it with you today. Because knowing and loving yourself as inherently worthy is the source of TRUE abundance. Not to mention joy, freedom, fulfillment and peace.

Which is, bottom line, what I wish for you.

And so now I invite you to reflect.

What part, if any, of my story resonates with you? Are there ways or places in your life that you’re trying to be someone you’re not? That you’re hiding parts of yourself that don’t fit the “blueprint” of what you think you should be?

Or are you caught in the trap of spending your time, energy and money trying to change the EXTERNALS in your life? Thinking that changing the externals in your life will make you “enough”? Especially when it comes to money?

If so, how might you begin to invest more of your time, energy and money doing the INTERNAL work? How might you begin to practice embracing your inherent “enoughness” and worth?

Again, my friend, I invite you to ponder my story and yours. And, of course, if you’d like to share any of your responses with me, I’d love to hear from you!



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