Join me April 12th – April 19th for…

Seven days designed to create the OPENING you need to experience the abundance you’ve longed for – especially with money.

“There’s got to be something I’m missing – only I don’t know what it is!”

It was 1995 and my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur had blown up in my face.

A year earlier, I had quit my six-figure corporate job. I loved the income but hated the job. And the truth is that, despite my income, I had always lived paycheck to paycheck. I had high hopes that starting my own business would finally let me do something I loved AND make a lot of money.

I was wrong.

I had done all the training and attended all the conferences I thought would help me succeed. I invested (heavily) in my personal growth. Morning, noon and night I was working in (or worrying about) my business. 

I had “faked it ‘til I made it” – but I wasn’t making it.

Despite my Business degree… Despite my desire, work ethic, talents and skills…Despite me “looking successful” – my business was failing. Our savings were almost gone and we were piling up credit card debt.  Now I wasn’t making the money OR living the life I longed to live.

I couldn’t figure it out.  Like so many of the people I now work with, I thought something was wrong with me.  

I kept thinking…

“There has to be something I’m missing…”

I now know there was nothing wrong with me AND there was something I was missing.  

And there’s a good chance this same breakthrough is what you’ve been missing, my friend. 

Because this is not just any breakthrough.  It’s what I now consider to be the most important breakthrough of all. It’s a breakthrough that’s so simple we’re tempted to overlook, dismiss or discount it. I know I did – that’s why it took me years (actually DECADES) to experience it myself.

I don’t want you to have to wait that long, my friend – that’s why I’ve created this 7-day virtual event.  

 Because this breakthrough is the difference between living a “good enough” life and fully living the life you were born to live. It’s the difference between having “enough” and having abundance. It’s what empowers you to transform scarcity into abundance. And fear, pressure, guilt and shame into freedom, power, joy and peace – especially with money.

If that sounds like the kind of breakthrough you’re looking for, my friend….

Say “YES” to your Breakthrough!

Wednesday, April 12th 

LIVE** broadcast at 11:00 am CDT lasting approximately 30 minutes

We’ll get started with me exposing a common myth about breakthroughs and how it sabotages real growth and transformation. Then I’ll share what I’ve discovered is the biggest block to your ability to live the life of freedom, joy and fulfillment you long for – with the money you need. Because seeing what’s blocking you is the first step to breaking through it – especially since it’s probably NOT what you think. I’ll also share more stories from my journey – and the missing piece about abundance I discovered that changed everything!

Thursday, April 13th 

LIVE** broadcast at 11:00 am CDT lasting approximately 30 minutes

We’ll begin with learning a simple transformational practice that supports you to replace old, sabotaging behaviors with new and empowering ones. Then we’ll identify the pattern that – together – we’ll be breaking through this week. You’ll understand why it’s been “the missing piece”. And how it’s the difference between living in scarcity or abundance. Between living in fear, guilt or shame and living in freedom, joy and peace – especially with money.

Friday, April 14th

LIVE** broadcast at 11:00 am CDT lasting approximately 30 minutes

On this day, we’ll dive deeper into the pattern that has kept you stuck – including what makes the breakthrough we’re progressing toward so powerful AND simple.  We’ll also identify the pattern-underneath-the-pattern that has and will always keep you blocked and limited. It’s what keeps you in scarcity no matter what you do, how hard you work or how much money you actually have. We’ll end with you practicing an “inner shift” that’s essential for you to experience the abundance you long for.

Saturday, April 15th  

LIVE** broadcast at 11:00 am CDT lasting approximately 30 minutes

“Buckle your seat belt!” because this is the day we expose the subconscious lie of scarcity that’s been running your life AND relationship with money.  We’ll dig deep to get to the root of the scarcity you continue to experience – despite all of your efforts for abundance. Seeing it will give you the inner fuel AND awareness you need for a breakthrough.  So you can begin to experience the Flow of Abundance in your life – including with money.

We’ll take a break on Sunday to support you to integrate your learning to this point. 

This is a day to watch any recordings you’ve missed and/or to review your notes.  It’s a day to dive deeper into your new practices and let things begin to “gel” inside of you.  This is a day to “catch your breath” so you’ll be ready for the breakthroughs you’ll experience in our final three days together.

Monday, April 17th

LIVE** broadcast at 11:00 am CDT lasting approximately 30 minutes

Monday’s all about MONEY, my friend! It’s the day we take everything you’ve learned and practiced in the first four days and apply it to the role money plays in your life. We’ll cover the three essentials needed to create a healthy, life-giving relationship with money – and there’s a good chance they are NOT what you expect! If you want a breakthrough in your relationship with money, this day is designed for you! 

Tuesday, April 18th

LIVE** broadcast at 11:00 am CDT lasting approximately 30 minutes

This is GO FOR IT DAY – the day everything has been building towards. It’s the day you give yourself the gift of abundance at a whole new level. It’s the day you will clearly see the choice between scarcity and TRUE abundance. Today is your BREAKTHROUGH Day – the day you actively take ONE specific action that opens you to the freedom, joy, fulfillment AND money you’ve longed for. It’s a day of action and transformation – when everything we’ve talked about during things week come together in real and tangible ways.

Wednesday, April 19th

LIVE** broadcast at 11:00 am CDT lasting approximately 30 minutes

The breakthrough is only the beginning! Our final day together is about CELEBRATION, integration and FORWARD MOMENTUM! We’ll spend time reviewing the week, answering your questions and celebrating your growth. And I’ll offer some “next step” practices for integrating and building upon all that you’ve learned and experienced.  All to support yo uto continue to experience greater levels of freedom, joy, peace and abundance in your life – including with money.

** If you’re unable to watch the broadcast LIVE, replays will be available.

Say “YES” to your Breakthrough NOW! 

This event is about more than giving you a bunch of information. 

Information alone will not give you the TRANSFORMATION you want. 

(And that I want for you!)

When you register, in addition to the daily LIVE broadcasts,  we’ll send you an email each day with…

  • A summary of each day’s LIVE broadcast; 

  • A list of the simple Daily Action Steps you’ll want to take to integrate what you’re

  • Access to the worksheets & tools you’ll need for your daily action steps – all
    supporting your breakthrough;  AND 

  • The link to access the replay of the LIVE broadcasts in case you miss one or want to
    rewatch them.

Say “YES” to your Breakthrough!

Simply put, my friend, I’ve designed this event to create the OPENING you need to experience the abundance you’ve longed for. The abundance you have been working so hard to achieve.

It’s the breakthrough that frees you to access all of the resources you need to fully be the unique human being you were created to be – including money.

To be clear, this breakthrough is not another approach for getting out of debt. It’s not a strategy for you to make (or save) more money. It’s not the result of following a budget. It’s not about money management or even money mindset. It’s not about using the Law of Attraction, vision boards or affirmations. It’s not even about changing your “scarcity mindset” into an “abundance mindset.”

I’ve been an Abundance Coach for 25 years and I’ve taught all of those things (and more) to thousands of people around the world. And they have made a have made a huge difference in the lives of so many of my clients. But, until the last few years, they didn’t work for me. Like the cobbler with no shoes, I was an Abundance Coach who wasn’t very abundant.

After experiencing it myself, I could clearly see what I had been intuitively doing to support my clients that I hadn’t done for myself. It’s why they experienced real transformation (including with money) even though I hadn’t.

Now that I know what THIS key breakthrough is…

Now that I’ve experienced (and continue to experience) the power of it for myself…

I can consciously and systematically support YOU to experience it for yourself. I can create the space you need to have this same breakthrough. And to experience the power, possibility and freedom it offers you.

I know. It’s hard to wrap your mind around that last sentence.

It’s what my clients call a “head tilt.”

My friend, if that sounds like a breakthrough you want to have…

  • If you’ve reached the point where you’re tired of having money (or the lack of it) run your life…

  • If you want to be able to enjoy your money and your life without fear or guilt…

  • If you’ve done everything you know to do (and have been taught to do) and you still don’t have the life or money you long for…

  • If you want to experience the freedom, peace and joy that comes from living a life more aligned with your soul…

  • If something inside of you is calling you to MORE…

Say “YES” to your Breakthrough NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Breakthrough to Abundance Invitational

Bottom line, what’s the difference between being a FREE participant and an OPTIMIZED participant?

In simple terms, it boils down to you choosing if you want to “do it yourself” or be part of a community of people who, like you, want to experience a breakthrough to abundance.  While “doing it yourself” will DEFINITELY support you, it cannot do so as much as what is possible when you go through this experience in community with others.  That’s because abundance is not a solo sport.   Learn more about the OPTIMIZED Breakthrough Option here>>

There are days I won’t be able to be on the LIVE broadcasts or OPTIMIZED Community Calls. Will I still get value from this event?

Absolutely – especially given the fact that you will have access to the replays.  This is true whether you are a FREE participant or a member of the OPTIMIZED community.  When we offered this last year, a couple of OPTIMIZED participants watched ALL of the LIVE broadcasts AND the Community Calls via replay and still experienced some amazing shifts and breakthroughs.  This is also why we’re skipping Sunday – so you have a day for watching any recordings you missed.

I work during the day. Can I still participate?

Yes – and I hope you do.  Please read the answer to the above question about missing the LIVE broadcasts and/or calls.   What you’ll need to do to get the most out of this event is to schedule a time during your non-working hours each day to watch the replay.  And then take the action steps for that day.

I signed up to participate for FREE. If I change my mind, can I still upgrade to be part of the OPTIMIZED community?

Absolutely – and I hope you do.  Because you’ll get 10x the breakthroughs and have 10x the fun.   At any point in time before OR DURING the event, you can join the OPTIMIZED Community Zoom Calls and Facebook Group by registering here>>

I don’t like Facebook. Is there a way I can still participate without being on Facebook?

Yes – there are two ways you can still participate although neither is ideal  The BEST option would be to join the OPTIMIZED Community since its members join the LIVE broadcast and Community Calls via Zoom.  However, you will miss out on the opportunity to participate in the Facebook Community between calls.  The second option is to sign up as a FREE participant.  You will not be able to see the LIVE broadcasts in “real time” each day, but we will send you a daily email with the links to access the replay – including a link to watch it via YouTube.

I have a question that you haven’t answered. How can in contact you?

I’m happy to answer any question you have.  Contact me here>>>