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For more than 27 years as an Abundance Coach, I’ve also been the perfect example of the saying “you teach best what you most need to learn.”

In other words, I’ve experienced LOTS of scarcity in my life. It’s that experience that helps me recognize and understand the scarcity patterns of my clients.
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Teresa Romain, Coach, Redefining Abundance

Yet my REAL superpower is my ability to look at things differently.

It’s to see what you’re not seeing that is blocking you from the experience of abundance and well-being you long for – especially when it comes to money.

Once I see it, I have always had the uncanny ability (intuition) to see the solution. To see the shift that’s needed. To see the path that creates an OPENING where there’s been a block.

Because of this, my 1:1 coaching programs are customized specifically for you and your needs.

Are you ready to discover what’s blocking you, my friend?

Are you ready to be supported to create a relationship with money and yourself that gives you the experience of the abundance and well-being you’ve been longing for?

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Susie Moon
Baraboo, Wisconsin
Susie Moon Consulting

In a powerful yet loving way, Teresa supported me to face my money fears, challenge my scarcity beliefs, reconnect with my soul and open my mind to new possibilities. She re-ignited my faith and the belief that I deserve the best life! In the year since I worked with Teresa, my finances have never been better. I’ve realized three dreams that I didn’t believe were possible. Coaching with Teresa literally changed my life!

When I heard Teresa share her own story about debt and scarcity around money – I knew she would accept me where I was at. One of the things that most empowered me was the way Teresa connected God/Spirit with money. I had always been so wrapped up in my money struggles, thinking I had to control it all, that I couldn’t even fathom that there was a higher power at work for me. Now I feel connected to and supported by Spirit in ways I never have. My business is thriving and so am I!

Jena Thompson
Albert Lea, Minnesota
Founder & CEO
Daisy Blue Naturals

Sheyna Galyan
St. Paul, Minnesota
Founder, Soul Guides LLC

When I first started working with Teresa, I knew what I wanted (joy, love, connection) but I didn’t know how to get there. Teresa showed me how to have those things and so much more. She offered me a way out of the reward/punishment archetype that encompassed everything I knew. She offered me alternative ways of seeing things that freed me from the self-imposed, restrictive box I had put myself in. Her work is about so much more than money. My work with Teresa has been like physical therapy for my soul.

Working with Teresa has given me access to power and control over money issues that I have struggled with for more than 30 years. She was funny, smart, astute, intuitive and creative in the ways she worked with me. She never judged or shamed me – which was huge because of the shame I had felt around money for years. She held me accountable in a compassionate, adaptable way that kept me moving forward. My experience working with Teresa exceeded my expectations and I had pretty high expectations!
Robin Ann Reid
Spring Green, Wisconsin
Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
Laura Hulleman
Merrimac, Wisconsin
Creator of the Endotype Formula
I had all the pieces I needed to create the business and life I wanted – I just didn’t see how to make it happen. I felt trapped. Teresa helped me see the pathway forward. She coached me with compassion, skill and her amazing intuition. She guided me to step into my vision one step at a time, keeping things simple. Most of all, she empowered me to trust my own intuition and guidance. She reminded me that everything I need to fulfill my calling comes from a Source greater than me. The results have been amazing.

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