This community will start gathering together in early summer…

will you join us?

It’s taken me most of my life – and more than two decades as an Abundance Coach & Advocate – to recognize that the model we have for abundance and money doesn’t work.

It’s been built on – and is in reaction to – an inaccurate premise of scarcity. Actually, on an Archetype of Scarcity.

It’s as if the world we live in is a giant game of musical chairs!

Remember that game?

Remember how you FELT playing that game?

It’s a game built on scarcity. There aren’t enough chairs for everyone and there never will be.

If you don’t get a chair, you’re out of the game.  Even if you DO get a chair, the scarcity doesn’t go away. You have to get a chair again and again and again.

But scarcity, my friend, is not what this universe has been built upon. It’s not how it’s designed!

No other living creature lives in constant reaction to scarcity. No other creature plays the giant game of musical chairs we’ve created and perpetuated in our world.

It’s time for us to play a new game, my friend!

A game where there is a chair for EVERYONE – including a perfect-size, comfy chair for you!

Together, we can create a world, where all people – everywhere – have the resources they need to live rich and meaningful lives. So they – and our planet – can thrive.

For that to happen, we need to embrace a new understanding of abundance.

We need a definition that recognizes abundance is not an individual experience alone. One that recognizes the inherent worth of all people – and of all Creation.

It’s a definition that challenges us to look at the way we think about and “do” money – both individually and collectively.

It invites us to embrace a new model for our relationship with money. A model that supports well-being and fulfillment in our own lives – but also in our world.

This community is the place where we all, myself included, can come together to discover how to play this new game.

To learn, be challenged and supported – to be inspired – to create this world.

And so, my friend, if you want to play this new game…

If you want to be part of transforming the scarcity-based relationship with money and life we’ve all inherited…

If you’re committed to the well-being of all people and this planet – AND yourself…

Know that we’d love to add your chair to our community.

We will begin to gather together later this Spring. Please add your name below so I can notify you with the details once everything is ready.