Website Acknowledgments 

This website would not be possible without the creativity, gifts, talents and hard work of those who collaborated with me to make it possible. 

Thank you, Susan & Chetan, for making my dream come true. 

Thank you, Siddiqi and Masha, for using your gifts and your cameras to capture the essence of me in these photos!

I can’t imagine life without Wikipedia.  Thank you to the visionaries who created it and all who support this amazing information platform.

  • And finally, my thanks to Laura, Lori, Sheyna, Jena & Robin. 

You’ve traveled every step of this journey with me.  Reviewing, proofing, giving feedback on everything I’ve been creating.  Checking every link on this site.  And supporting, encouraging and believing in me every step of the way.  Your generosity inspires me.  Your love amazes me. My heart is filled with gratitude for each of you.  Thank you!