Over the years, I’ve learned that one the most profound lessons life teaches us has to do with trust. And with opening ourselves to ALL of life. Today, I want to share some of my recent (and personal) experience with both.

These photos give you a sense of what’s been happening in our lives this past week. Bottom line, Dan had some LONG overdue hernia surgery on Monday. During the operation, he got the “bonus” of an extra hernia repair and removal of scar tissue that we hadn’t expected.

The operation went well and he’s on the road to recovery – but Dan sure does wish that road had a higher speed limit! LOL!

I share this with you because this entire experience reminded me of something that will support YOU. It’s actually the #1 practice is when it comes to abundance – and living life in abundance.

I recorded my reflections about it all in this video. In it, I explore how we can find strength in surrender. I also share why opening ourselves to life’s myriad experiences is the real path to abundance. I hope my reflections resonate with you and/or offer you a fresh perspective. More than that, I hope they light or rekindle the flame of trust within you.

🎥 Watch the video now:

I’d love to hear how and if it does. More than that, I’d love to hear how you answered the all-important question I ask you near the end. Please shoot me a reply to this email or add it to the video comments.

Today, my friend – I pray that you practice staying open and trusting in some new way.