Happy New Year! 🎉

As we begin 2024, I want to share a special video with you. It’s a perspective that definitely challenges mainstream thinking. It’s also a perspective I think is essential if you want to experience real peace, freedom, and abundance.

In this video, I discuss the common (and popular) idea that we can be, do, and have everything we desire. While it might seem uplifting, it can also create unnecessary scarcity, pressure and frustration in our lives.

Why that is and how you can avoid this trap is in today’s video below. There’s also an important story about a cactus in the Arizona desert and my high school track career that adds to my message. You’ll find out why when you watch.

At the beginning of this New Year, when you might be setting (or have already set) goals for what you want to have, do and be – I invite you to try a different approach. One that unfolds in today’s video. So make sure to watch it now – it’s a good one!

Here’s to YOU more fully discovering, embracing and sharing the GIFT you are this New Year!