What can a garden hose teach you about abundance and money?

Give me six minutes and I’ll use it to…

  • Demonstrate why your current definition of abundance blocks the flow of money.
  • Show you EXACTLY where the flow of money is getting blocked in your life AND what you can do to start unblocking the flow.

Where will you begin to unblock the flow of money in your life?

Pick ONE to focus on now. You can always come back and choose a different one to learn more.

I need a better connection to Source.

I need to OPEN to receive more.

a green garden hose spraying water from a leak

I have “money leaks” and
“money kinks” I need to address.

a green kinked garden hose
I need to open the “nozzle” to share
more of what I’ve received.
Water hose sprayer attached to a green hose