Money kinks and leaks limit your capacity to experience well-being and FULL-FILL-MENT.

That’s why learning to utilize the money you have in a new way is vital. In a way that FILLS you with well-being, joy & fulfillment – IN abundance.

Begin identifying and fixing your leaks and kinks by watch the videos below. Then take action using the resources and practices actions I’ve designed for you.

In this first video, I’ll support you in identifying the type of “money leaks” and “money kinks” you have. We’ll also begin to address the #1 cause of most leaks and kinks.
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In Video #2, I share THE most important practice for eliminating “money leaks” and “money kinks”. Then I quickly go over the instructions for the two practice actions below.

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Time to start practicing…

Practice #1 – Identifying your “leaks” and “kinks”

Download & print a copy of “Consciousness-Building” questions below. Spend some time journaling about and/or reflecting on your answers. If you’re married/in a committed partnership, I encourage you to discuss them together.

Practice #2 – Developing financial consciousness: Appreciating money with Attentiveness

Download, print & carry a copy of the Money Flow Awareness Sheet with you throughout the day. Use it as described in Video #2 for ONE day. Then for another day. See if you can practice this level of awareness – of both money AND fulfillment – for at least a week. Be sure to congratulate yourself every time you do!

An invitation…

Join me in the next session of my free “Scarcity Exposed” webinar. In it, you’ll begin to see the subconscious Archetype of Scarcity at work in your life. Until you see it, I guarantee you will continue to experience “money leaks” and “money kinks”. And you’ll experience LESS well-being and fulfillment – with money and in your life.

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