The purpose of a hose is NOT to accumulate water.

It’s let water flow to, through and FROM it.

For that to happen, the nozzle must be OPEN.

And so must YOU – my friend. Sharing life-giving resources with others unblocks the flow of money in your life.

Supporting you to do this is what these two videos are about. They – plus the action steps below – will support you to more fully be the conduit you were created to be.

In this first video, we’ll explore more deeply what’s creating this block for you. Then you’ll more clearly understand why this practice is ESSENTIAL for you to experience joy and fulfillment – IN ABUNDANCE!

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Video #2 introduces you to some simple steps to begin “opening the nozzle”. They’re practices that unblock the flow of money in life-giving ways – for YOU and the world around you.

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Time to start practicing…

Practice #1 – Practice SEEING differently

Download & print a copy of the three powerful “re-focusing” questions below. Put it in your journal and use them as prompts for your journaling practice. Hang it on a mirror or near your computer so you see them regularly.

Whenever you recognize that you’re experiencing fear and pressure, i.e., scarcity, – use these questions to help you SEE and respond in a more empowered way. To support you to be the conduit of abundance you were created to be.

Practice #2 – Giving frees you from inaccurate perceptions of scarcity.

Download, print & place the quote by Suze Orman in a place where you’ll see it regularly.

Let these words remind you why giving is a vital practice. Not only for what you give to others – but because it frees you from the scarcity thinking that limits YOUR experience of fulfillment and abundance.

Practice #3 – Open the Nozzle – Open Your Hand

It’s one thing to understand the importance of opening “the nozzle” on a hose – and your hand, heart and wallet. It’s another thing to actually do it. 

Download & use the “Being a Conduit: Practicing Giving” resource below to support you to practice giving in conscious, empowering and fulfilling ways.

An invitation…

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