Remember, YOU are not the Source – of money or abundance!

Begin strengthening your connection with THE Source by watching these two videos.
Then use the resources below to take action today!

In the first video, I’ll reinforce why this connection is absolutely vital for your well-being.

I’ll also expose a surprising reason for why your connection might be “shaky” or non-existent.

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In the second video, I’ll go over the instructions for the two Practice Actions below. I’ll also share why these practices are so important. 

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Time to start practicing…

Practice #1 – Stop thinking and acting as if YOU are the Source


  • Option #1: Find a quiet place where you can be comfortable and undisturbed. Set a time for 5 minutes. Simply sit, in silence – DOING nothing – until the timer goes off. For these five minutes, your only intention is to be OPEN and available to the Source of Life & Abundance.
  • Option #2: If you have a difficult time doing NOTHING for 5 minutes, let me support you. Download this _________-minute meditation I recorded to guide you through the practice.

Download Connecting With The Source
Audio Meditation

Practice #2 – A different kind of gratitude practice…

Download & print the So-MANY-Gifts Awareness Sheet below. Fold it in your journal, keep it handy at your desk or carry it with you. Add to it each day as a way of becoming more conscious of the truth that YOU are not the Source.

An invitation…

Join me in the next session of my free “Scarcity Exposed” webinar. In it, you’ll begin to see the subconscious Archetype of Scarcity at work in your life. Until you see it, you will continue to have a difficult time connecting to AND trusting in Source.

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