Being OPEN to receive is essential for you to be the conduit you were created to be.

If your capacity to RECEIVE is weak, it will limit what can flow TO you and THROUGH you. Not only money but other life-giving resources as well.

These two videos are designed to support you to increase your capacity to receive. To be more OPEN to all that the Source of All Life and Abundance makes available to you.

In Video #1, I address what’s REALLY going on that limits your capacity to receive all that’s available to you. That includes money and other life-giving resources that are available to you.

At the deepest level, it boils down to two things.

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In Video #2, I introduce two practices for increasing your capacity to receive. They open you to all that’s available to you – including money.
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Time to start practicing…

Practice #1 – The Five Steps of Receiving

Download, print and hang the sign (below) outlining the Five Steps of Receiving I shared in Video #2. Practice these steps every time an opportunity to receive something occurs. NOTE: The quotes I’ve include will remind you why this practice is so important.

Practice #2 – Awareness is the first step for unblocking the flow & OPENING to receive.

Download & print a copy of reflection questions below. Spend some time journaling about and/or reflecting on your answers. These questions are designed to increase your awareness. To make you more conscious of the ways, times and situations you limit the amount of money you receive.

An invitation…

Join me in the next session of my free “Scarcity Exposed” webinar. In it, you’ll begin to see the subconscious Archetype of Scarcity at work in your life. Until you see it, receiving will continue to be something you struggle with. It will be difficult for you to OPEN yourself to all that the Source of Life wants to give you.

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