This Thanksgiving season, I’ve been reflecting on what it truly means to be thankful and how giving is an essential part of true thanks-GIVING. I recorded my reflections in my video this past Monday and shared it on social media in anticipation of #GivingTuesday the following day.

Now I’m and am excited to share it with you. In typical fashion, I think you’ll get a “head-tilt” or two when you watch. Not only might I offer you a new way of thinking about giving, I also address some of the misunderstood and overlooked aspects of giving.

Watch it now!

This holiday season, let’s challenge ourselves to see beyond the traditional notions of giving. Let’s open our hearts, share of the gifts we’ve been given and experience the joy and abundance that comes from the simple act of giving – be it time, wisdom, or resources.

I would love to hear how/if my reflections shifted, affirmed or expanded your ideas about giving.