What I’m about to say in this blog post might seem SHOCKING at first. So PLEASE stick with me to the end.
I do not care how much or how little money you make.
I do not care if you’re in debt up to your eyeballs.
I do not care if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.
I do not care if you have zero dollars or a million dollars in savings.
I simply do NOT care about any of those things.

What I DO care about is this…

Are you experiencing joy?
Are you experiencing wonder at the mystery of Life?
Are you learning and growing?
Do you know yourself as inherently worthy, valuable and beautiful?
Are you generous – not only to others but also with yourself?
Are you becoming a more loving person?
Do you know yourself as loved AND lovable?
Are you fully being the unique human AND Divine being you were created to be?

THESE are the things I care about, my friend.

And I care about them because this is who you were created to be AND what you were created to experience. You were created to FLOURISH – with all the resources you need. Which, of course, includes money.

But it’s not about the money. It’s about YOU being fully alive. It’s about you experiencing life IN abundance. It’s about you experiencing YOU in abundance.

It’s taken me most of my life to realize that abundance isn’t about having or getting a lot of money. Abundance is more a function of your RELATIONSHIP with with money – no matter the amount. It’s about using money in service of you being more FULLY alive. In service of you more fully being YOU.

And, in service of that, I DO care about money. I DO care if you’re in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, not making much money – and the like. I care that you know how ACCESS and UTILIZE the money (and other resources) you need to grow and flourish. Not someday in the future when you’re making $$$$$ or when you’re out of debt, but starting TODAY.

This is what the Sacred Archetype of Abundance empowers you (and me!) to do. In it, we participate in an ongoing flow of life-giving resources – the resources we need to more fully be who we were created to be.
It’s an entirely different focus. It’s an entirely different experience.

And yet, it’s NOT the experience most of us have. Nor have we been taught that this is the experience of money, ourselves AND Life that we are meant to have.
It requires new learning. And it requires some “un-learning” as well. Not to mention a heck of a lot of PRACTICE! 🙂

This learning, “un-learning” and practice is what I’m eager to support you to do (and do WITH you!) in my upcoming session of the Unblock Your Money Flow Activation Program. So that you can start experiencing joy, freedom, peace of mind and flow in life and with money. So you can know yourself as loved AND lovable. Starting now – with the money you currently have. Even as you learn to OPEN to receive more.

Because what you’ll discover is that it’s not just the flow of money that will get “unblocked” in this program – it’s YOU!

And that’s what I care about most of all, Teresa! Learn more and reserve your spot now!

Here’s to YOU growing, flourishing and LIVING fully, freely and FLOW-fully IN abundance!