I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard the saying that “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

While true insanity is much more [serious] than this, the IDEA behind that saying is SPOT ON. More than I’d like to admit, I’ve done the same thing again and again while expecting different results. I’m willing to guess you have as well. ☺

The problem is that I didn’t know I was doing the same thing over and over again. Each time, I REALLY DID think I was trying something new and doing something different.

Let me give you a visual example of what I mean.

Imagine that you’re in a small room with beige walls. The floor is dark wood with an oval area rug in the middle. None of the furniture matches. Some is black, some dark wood, some light wood, some white and some grey. Papers are piled on every surface and even on the floor. The walls are crowded with pictures and plaques of different size, color and shape. There are also many handmade signs, reminders and post-it notes on the wall. Bottom line, it’s a cluttered, jumbled mess!

Are you seeing it?

Now imagine being in a similarly-sized room with walls that are painted sage green. The wooden floor is painted a light-tan color. The multi-colored furniture is spaciously arranged in the room. All of the signs and plaques on the wall have some type of motivational or inspiring saying on them. There are framed pictures of family and friends on a stand. It’s neat and orderly – with everything in its place.

Can you imagine it?

Now imagine, one more time, that you’re in a similar small room. This time the walls are covered with floral print wallpaper that has a steel-blue background. The floor has a low-pile ivory carpet. All of the furniture is a lovely golden oak. On the wall are beautiful prints of classical paintings by Renoir, Rembrandt and the like. Not only is it free of clutter, it’s so pretty that a picture of it could be on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens.

All pun intended – get the picture?

Clearly, each of the rooms I’ve described is different. Agreed?

But get this…

They are all the SAME room! Sure, they LOOK different. But, in truth, they are all the same room – just organized and decorated differently.

Which, my friend, is what I see happening for so many people. Why? Because they (and most of us) have been taught to think of abundance as a goal to achieve – a destination to reach. One that is measured by external results – be it money, success, possessions, titles, nice homes and cars.

What we don’t realize is that, even if and when we “get” those things or the new “decorations” we add to our lives, we’re still in the SAME room. We’re still in the room I call The Box™.

The Box™ is the MODEL we’ve all inherited for how to do money and live our lives. It’s the model created by the Archetype of Scarcity.

Which is why, when you’re in The Box™, it won’t matter how much money, growth or success you have – it will never be enough. It won’t matter what color you paint the walls or how you “decorate” your life.

Inside The Box™, you will continue to experience pressure, frustration, struggle and fear. You will unconsciously and unintentionally perpetuate scarcity in your life, your bank account AND in the world (i.e. doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result).

MY mission, my friend, is to free you from The Box™ so you can experience unconditional freedom, joy, fulfillment and peace of mind – in abundance!

It is to support and empower you to fully live the unique life you were created to live, with all the resources you need – including money!

And so…

If you think you might be in “the same room” – just with different décor…

If, when you’re honest with yourself, you realize you’re doing the same thing expecting different results…

If this post has you suspect you might be in The Box™ AND you’re longing for a way out..

Then let’s connect and explore ways I can support you to break FREE!

Here’s to YOU, living in FREEDOM and JOY– outside The Box™!

This is your chance to start living IN abundance – beginning today!