The past few weeks, I’ve had multiple conversations that have left me feeling really sad… AND PISSED OFF!

They were hitting really close to home – and I realized it was time to publicly share a part of my story I’ve not shared before. I do so with the hope that it will transform your life as much as it has mine. I know it has the power to change how you perceive money and abundance in your life.

In this video, I share the story of the day I was so scared I couldn’t breathe – literally. The day I was shaking like I was having seizures. It was the day I listened to my soul and discovered the TRUE role money is meant to play in our lives. It was the day I stopped letting money – and the fears and “rules” I had about money – run my life.

If you’ve ever felt stuck around money…

If you’ve ever felt like money is stopping you from living the life you long to live…

If you’ve ever felt that money has all the power and is running your life…

If you keep “waiting” for the money to get handled before saying YES to you and your dreams and desires..

Then this week’s video is a must-watch.

My friend, if my story speaks to you in some way – if it inspires you to WANT to transform your relationship with money – then let me support you in any way I can. Please schedule a discovery session with me.

It might be your best next step of TRULY making yourself important – AS important as money. It might be the next best step to support you to listen to and honor the needs and desires of your soul.