A studio is a CREATIVE and EXPERIENTIAL space. This is true in any artist, photography or film studio.

In a dance studio, new “moves” and dances are choreographed, learned and practiced.

The same is true for The AbunDANCE Studio™ where every class is highly interactive and experiential. Each class is a space that supports you to create, learn and practice new “moves” for your own AbunDANCE!

Join me in The AbunDANCE Studio™ for our next FREE class…

NEW DATE! Thursday, October 20th
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. CDT

“Desire is God, knocking at the doorway of our minds,
wanting to give us greater good.”

– Dr. Emilie Cady

If this quote is true (and I believe it is), the question for you to ask is…

How do you respond to this knocking – be it by God, Spirit, Creator or whatever name you use for the Source of Life?

Do you respond to your desires in ways that truly empower you to have that “greater good”?


Do you consciously or subconsciously ignore the knocking? Do you take your time responding, waiting for the “right time” and thus delaying your “greater good”?

What are the ways you might be blocking or limiting your desires based on what you think is possible and/or what you deserve to have?

These are just some of the questions we’ll be addressing this LIVE, interactive and experiential session.

During this class, you will…

  • Reconnect with the dreams and desires that you have been subconsciously denying, ignoring and delaying

  • Learn the REAL purpose of dreams and desires – and the “greater good” they offer you

  • Discover how and why money – or the lack of it – is not what’s really blocking you from following your dreams so you can begin saying “YES” to them

  • Uncover the two primary “scarcity patterns” that instantly block you from having the “greater good” that God/Source wants to give you

  • Discover & experience two simple “abundance practices” that instantly open you to ALL that supports you to have “greater good”

What I’ll be sharing in this class will transform your relationship with your desires, money and yourself.It will transform your relationship with Abundance.

Will you answer the call, my friend?

If your answer is YES…
Then register for this class NOW and invite your friends!

NEW DATE! Thursday, October 20th

11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. CDT

NOTE: This session will be LIVE via Zoom.

It will be informational, experiential AND interactive so come prepared to participate.