Let’s discover what’s blocking the flow of abundance,

money and well-being in your life!

Together, let’s get to the bottom of what’s perpetuating unnecessary scarcity in your life –
despite all that you’ve tried to experience the abundance you long for.

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Feeling hesitant to take this step?

Perhaps it’s because you fear I will try to convince or manipulate you into buying a program or working with me. You’re not sure you can trust me.

I understand – especially if this has happened to you before.

Or maybe you don’t trust yourself. You might have a history of spending money impulsively – trying one program, then another. Moving from one coach to another. And you don’t want to do that again.

I’ve done that myself so I GET it!

So all I can tell you is this. Convincing, manipulating or hard-selling you to do something does not support you.

It is not who I am and it is not what I do. 

My role is to discover what is perpetuating scarcity in your life. My role is to support you to see what you’re not seeing. It’s to uncover what’s missing that is preventing you from experiencing the abundance available to you.

It is to guide you to see your next step.  So you can live the life you were created to live – with all the resources you need.

Then the choice is yours.

If that means that we work together in some way, I will be thrilled. And if our Discovery Session gives you all the support you need right now, I will be equally thrilled.

Because THAT is empowering YOU – and that’s what I’m all about.

Here’s how Anke Johnson described her experience…

“Appreciate” is not even the right level of descriptive word I can choose for how much Teresa heard me during our Discovery Session. And not only that she heard me, but that she then translated what she heard to what I’m struggling with, what I’m searching for and what I need.

Anke Johnson

Functional Nutritionist, Founder - Forward & Up Wellness, Madison, WI

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When you do, here’s what you can expect…

First, I’m going to ask you a lot of questions. That’s because I want to get to know you and your story.

The only way I can discern the best support for you is by listening to you.  By learning what’s going on in your life and your relationship with money.

As for the support I might offer you?

It may be with something as simple as a video or book recommendation.  I might suggest a webinar or program I offer – or someone I know and trust offers.

OR it might be that the best support I could offer would be some customized, one-on-one coaching with me.

Of course, it might not be any of those things!

That’s why I call the 45 minutes we spend together a Discovery Session.

During that time, my intention is to DISCOVER what might best support you. It is also to be honest with you – whether we wind up working together or not.


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