Like so many of us, one of my clients has a [strong!] tendency to try to make things happen faster in her business. And it creates all sorts of unnecessary pressure, frustration and stress in her life. (Which, my friend, actually slows down her growth.)

That’s why, during her coaching call, I told her about the lettuce and spinach I recently planted in our garden. And I told her that, if all goes well, we’ll be eating fresh-from-the garden salads in about 50 days.

And then I dropped the bombshell…

“And there is NOTHING I can do to be able to harvest a fresh salad any sooner than that.”

I went on to say that I can water if it doesn’t rain and I can pull weeds so the plants have room to grow. But there is nothing I can do to have lettuce seeds become a salad faster. Because 50 days is how long it takes. In fact, depending on temperatures, it might even take a little longer.

I shared this to illustrate that the same thing is true for her and the results she wants in her business. Sure, she can do things to support the growth of her business.

But she cannot make results happen faster just because she wants them.
My client sat with the truth of this for a minute. Then she shared how she knew that her growth as a person had a direct impact on the growth of her business.

I agreed but added, “Yet the same thing applies. Your own growth takes as much time as it takes. Trying to rush it will actually slow or kill it.

It might be a bit of a blow to your ego, my friend, but this same thing is true for you (and me) when it comes to growth. I’m a “Teresa plant” and you’re a “YOU plant” – and we each have our own unique germination and growth cycle. You might be able to produce fruit in 70 days and it may take me two years. That doesn’t make your 70 days better than my two years. And it doesn’t make my two years bad or wrong. Nor does it mean something is wrong with me because it takes two years.

We all have our ideas of the growth we THINK should happen – at the speed we THINK it should happen. But true growth – be it for lettuce seeds, apple trees or you and me – is dependent on something outside of our control. There is a Life Force flowing through us and our world that has its own timing – and it doesn’t always match our plans. We are all part of Something Bigger than our individual efforts and perceptions.
Learning to trust this
Learning to surrender to it
Learning to let things unfold and grow with Divine timing
THIS is an essential practice of abundance.

Yes, we do what we can to nurture and support that growth. We do what we can to cooperate with the growth that is wanting to happen to and through us. But beyond that, we simply have to let go and wait.

When we do so, I’ve found that we are better able to enjoy the process. We are better able to enjoy our LIVES as they unfold in their own perfect timing.
50 days for lettuce and spinach. 80+ days for tomatoes. 8-10 years for apple trees. Who knows how long for you, your business and/or your bank account?

The question is…
Will you trust the process of Life?
Will you trust the Something Bigger that you are part of?
Will you trust that the “seed” that is YOU knows how to grow – in perfect timing – and produce fruit?
Are you willing to water and nurture its [your] growth with patience, compassion and love?

These are not questions you can answer once and be done, my friend. They are questions that you can only answer moment by moment – as you live your life.
As you slow down…
As you water and wait…
As you celebrate progress…
As you love yourself each day – at every stage of your growth.

Because you’re WORTH it.

YOU are worth the watering, nurturing and waiting…
Just like our first fresh-picked salad in late September will be worth it.


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