Last weekend something happened here at the farmhouse. It was a powerful reminder that limitation actually supports abundance.

I know, it sounds like I’m contradicting myself. You might thinking me talking about limitation is scarcity thinking.

To which I say, “Tell that to the apple tree.”

Do you remember that apple tree I showed you in the video I sent you on Thursday? (If not, you can watch it here>>>)

It was absolutely LOADED with small apples. So much so that one of its branches broke.

And, just to be clear, it wasn’t because we had storms or even strong winds.

The reason it broke was because it had TOO MANY apples. It, literally, could not hold them all. It broke under the weight of such “abundance”.

My friend, we live in a world where MORE and LOTS is synonymous with abundance. Where BIGGER is always better. This is the illusion the Archetype of Scarcity perpetuates. But, clearly, MORE and LOTS was not the best for our apple tree.

And it’s not automatically better for you, for me or for our world.

So now Dan and I in the process of thinning the apples on its other branches. Because unless we LIMIT the number of apples on each branch, more branches are going to break – especially as the apples get bigger.

This is what I mean, my friend, when I say that LIMITS actually support abundance and well-being. It’s why I continue to emphasize the need to learn to recognize and honor sufficiency in terms of money, our energy and so much more. It’s the Goldilocks principle. We need to learn how to find and be content with the not-too-much, not-too-little but JUST RIGHT point.

So, my friend, if you’re feeling the weight of trying to do too much or the pressure to produce more and more, embrace this lesson from our apple tree.

As the broken branch from our apple tree so reminds us, MORE or LOTS is not necessarily abundant. Nor is it the quantity of what we do, have or produce that make us “abundant”.

And so I ask you the question I’ve been asking myself this past week.

Where might you need to apply limits in your life so as to experience greater joy, well-being and abundance? Might it be with money or the number of commitments on your plate? Or could it be with the food you eat and/or the time you spend in front of a screen?

Where might you need to honor, instead of push your way through, natural limits we all have? Limits with your time, energy and money?

I know the idea of “limits” may not be popular – and you might resist them. Setting and honoring limits might have you think or feel that you’re not enough in some way.

But it’s not true.

Just ask our apple tree.