Sharing Nikky’s story with you reminds me of the story of Sea Biscuit, a champion race horse during the Depression. They made a great movie about him in 2003 but it wasn’t the whole story.  For once, Hollywood had to CUT some of the good parts.  If they hadn’t, the movie would have lasted 3+ hours!

Fortunately, I do not need to cut any of the great parts of Nikky’s story.  So while I originally thought I’d be able to share it in three segments, it’s actually going to have 1-2 more. 🙂  

Beginning with where I left off in Part 2 – with Nikky doing what felt like doing NOTHING.  Resisting her impulse to do something (ANYTHING!) right away put her in a state of OPENNESS.  It was a practice of remembering and connecting with the Truth that she was part of something bigger than her individual efforts and life.

By “something bigger”, I’m not only referring to God.  It’s also the larger web that is our universe and global human family.   Connected with and part of that larger community, we have access to resources we could never find or “make happen” by ourselves.

But to access those resources, Nikky had to come out of hiding.  She couldn’t pretend everything was “fine” and that she was “handling it”. She couldn’t pretend to be “in control of the situation” – as much as she might have wished she was.

She also had to be willing to receive.  Which meant she had to practice ASKING.   (FYI – Nikky said she felt like throwing up at the idea of it.  But the work she had done in The Soul Work of Money™ program made her willing to do it anyway. )

Her first ASK was on Facebook and among friends.  She didn’t ask for money – she asked for IDEAS.  Ideas of what she could do that would bring in money – even as she worked to get her coaching business off the ground.  She got LOTS of suggestions.  Some she had thought of, some she hadn’t.  She considered some ideas – others she did not.

From that feedback, numerous conversations with Greg and continuing to tune in to her intuition and Divine guidance, Nikky decided to offer her services as a dog-walker and pet sitter. She LOVES animals – so she knew she would enjoy it.  Even better, it would help her get the exercise she wanted and needed.

She posted on Facebook – asking if anyone had need of her services.   Within a few weeks, her calendar was booked solid.   It didn’t make up for all of Greg’s income, but it kept the money flowing in. 

Greg asked colleagues and friends to help him finish the client projects that he was unable to finish.  He had to pay them for their services, so his take-home pay was significantly lower.  But it WAS income – and his clients were being taken care of.

Unexpected things happened as well. At one point, their savings were gone and they didn’t have the money to pay the bills that week. They were both feeling stressed and scared.  Until a check for $1,000+ arrived unexpectedly in the mail!  They learned it was a mandatory disbursement of funds from the inheritance her mom had bequeathed them.  

Three months later, Greg was still not able to work and Nikky came out of hiding again. On October 31st, she shared the story of their journey on Facebook.  Here’s what she wrote…


Greg and I are in a pretty hard place right now. 

He hasn’t been able to work since August which means he hasn’t had GPS income in 3 months.

I am just starting my coaching business which means that I don’t have a steady stream of clients or income yet. We’ve depleted our savings and have begun to live on faith.


We are ok. We’re actually better than ok!

We are taking it day by day, minute by minute, breath by breath; continuously choosing to trust that what we need next will be there.

And the crazy part is that it HAS!

Our needs have been met in the form of dog walking and pet sitting jobs, unexpected disbursement checks, and the kindness of others.

We have not asked for a cent. We’ve just trusted in God’s goodness and collected what He sends to us like the Jews collected manna in the desert.

Now don’t get me wrong. We’ve cried, panicked and been tempted to give up. We’ve gotten mad, desperate and jealous. And then we take a few breaths, say some prayers and choose to trust again.

We had no idea what faith truly felt like until we had a month’s worth of bills to pay from an empty bank account but we have done it… and we are positive we will do it again. 

We know in our hearts there is a plan and we’re positive that the lessons we are learning from this will be necessary for what is coming next. 

Until then, we will keep trusting and collecting the manna.


Pretty powerful, huh? Can you FEEL how, in the midst of what seemed like scarcity, they were experiencing and trusting in abundance?  

NOT for the rest of their lives or even the rest of the month.  But day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath. Because that’s the only way we CAN experience abundance.  HERE and NOW.  In THIS moment. IF we’re OPEN to it. 

FYI – Nikky and Greg were about to experience the truth of this at a whole new level.   Because, believe it or not, what happened next is even better!