So what does a good massage have to do with money, abundance and you?

The obvious answer is that you usually spend money to get a massage – and when it’s over you feel a greater sense of well-being, vitality, relaxed-ness and peace. You might call that a greater sense of abundance.

All of which is true. But many years ago, my client (Deb), gave me the surprise of my life when she called me her FAVORITE massage therapist.

Between you and me, I’ve been called many things – but “massage therapist” wasn’t one of them. 🤣

The other day, I found a copy of the email she sent me explaining what she meant…

“Whenever I get a really good massage, the therapist always finds places in my body that are tense and tight – places I wasn’t aware of. And then she goes to work on those areas – applying just the right touch and just the right amount of pressure. At first, I want to resist. It feels uncomfortable – even painful. But as the therapist continues to work, my muscles start to relax. The knots loosen. And when it’s over, I feel SO much better than when we began – oftentimes better than I thought possible.”

Deb continued, saying…

“That’s what you’ve done for me ON THE INSIDE, Teresa. You’ve helped me find the places I didn’t see where I’ve been blocking myself, Life and abundance. You’ve found “knots” (or NOTS!) inside of me that I didn’t know existed.

Then you’ve known the right touch or the exact “pressure” to apply to loosen those knots – to OPEN me to the abundance that is around and within me. The work I’ve done with you has been like a massage for my heart, my soul AND my bank account. I feel so much more alive, healthy, joyful, free and empowered because of the work you do – AND the way you’ve worked with me.

These days, I have the same great feeling about myself, my life AND my money that I’ve experienced after a great body massage. And that’s why you’re my FAVORITE massage therapist!”

To say I was grateful, honored, humbled by my “new title” is an understatement. Doubly so when Deb shared this analogy at a Weekend Intensive I facilitated for a group of clients. ALL of them agreed, wholeheartedly, that THIS is exactly what they’ve experienced. And that it’s one of the best ways to describe what I do.

So, {{ subscriber.first_name | capitalize }}, if you’d like me to help you discover some of the “knots” and “nots” that are blocking you from experiencing the well-being, vitality of spirit, freedom, joy and abundance you long for, then let’s DO IT! Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with me and let’s see what shows up.

On second thought, perhaps I should say, schedule a FREE “massage” with me! 🤣🤣🤣