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Let's face it, my friend....

The way we do money isn’t working – individually OR collectively. All of our efforts for abundance seem to only create more scarcity – even if we don’t like to admit it.

That scarcity shows up in different ways for different people.

Below are some examples from women who have worked with me. (I’ve changed their names to protect confidentiality.)

Do you resonate with any of their experiences?

  • Sherri described her scarcity, saying, “I feel afraid and guilty spending money – even if I have it.  Especially on things I don’t really need.  Especially for myself.  I’m afraid I won’t have the money when I really need it.”
  • Kelly felt embarrassed about her scarcity.  “We have a great income.  Yet we’re still living paycheck to paycheck.  What’s our problem? Just when I think we’re starting to get ahead,  something goes wrong.” 
  • Judy’s scarcity was recurring debt. No matter how hard she worked or how much money she made, she was always in debt. Even if she sometimes managed to get debt-free, it never lasted. Before she knew it, she was back debt – AND her sense of shame.
  • Miranda made a LOT of money.  But it was from a job that drained her joy and energy.  It was starting to take a toll on her health.  She wanted to do something else – to follow a dream she’d had for years.  But she was afraid to leave her job.  She was afraid she wouldn’t have enough money.
  • Tina knew she was settling for less than she needed and wanted.  She convinced herself it was “good enough” – that she was “happy with her life.”  She felt guilty for wanting more because “she already had so much more than others did.” 
  • Mary had a new career with potential to make more money than she had ever dreamed of making.  Yet she wasn’t taking the actions she knew to take to succeed. She was paralyzed with fear that she’d screw it up.  That she’d blow this chance and lose her job. Not to mention, her fear that she’d mismanage any money she made – and she would lose it too.  

These are just some of the ways scarcity around money shows up in our lives.

Whatever form you’re experiencing, my friend, know that you are not alone.

Know, too, that it’s not your fault.

You’ve done the best you could living in a world built on an invisible Archetype of Scarcity. Until you see it, you can’t be freed from it. You’ll only wind up perpetuating it.

How do I know this, my friend?

Because I’ve LIVED it.

It took me years (actually, decades) to discover the MONUMENTAL shift we can make when it comes to money. A shift that transforms our relationship with money from one of fear, pressure, guilt and/or shame to one of freedom, joy, and peace. From scarcity to abundance.

But that change is NOT the result of making more money. Or getting out of debt. It’s doesn’t come from following a budget or spending less. Nor by growing your savings or retirement fund. Or by creating residual income.

Don’t get me wrong. Any one of those things MIGHT be an action step that will support you. But they are not the SOLUTION you’ve thought (and been taught) they are. They are not the solution to your fear, pressure, guilt and/or shame – to your scarcity.

A bigger – actually a MONUMENTAL – shift is required.

What that shift is – and why it’s needed – is what this webinar is about.

So, my friend, if money is your sore spot or secret shame...

If you've been trying to solve your “not enough” money problem for years...

If you’ve tried budgeting and business plans, The Law of Attraction and developing an “abundance mindset”…

If you’ve worked harder to make more money or cut your spending WAY back to save more…

But none of it has REALLY given you the life of freedom, joy and peace – in ABUNDANCE – that you long for, I invite you to join me.

In this webinar, you will...

  • Learn to recognize the invisible Archetype of Scarcity that’s been running your life and your relationship with money. Seeing it is the first step in freeing yourself from it.
  • Recognize why, in the Archetype of Scarcity, no amount of making more or spending less money will give you the freedom, peace and joy – the abundance – you’ve longed for.
  • Relinquish the myth that abundance is something separate from you – something YOU have to pursue, chase, earn, deserve or create for yourself.
  • Discover an alternative, sacred Archetype of Abundance you can choose as the “operating system” for your life going forward. One that empowers you to more fully live the unique life you were created to live, with all the resources you need – including money.
  • Walk away with the “activation code” and “installation guide” for this new “operating system”. So you can be empowered to more fully live the unique life you were created to live, with all the resources you need – including money.

My friend...

  • If you've reached the point where you're tired of having money (or the lack of it) run your life...

  • If you’re tired of trying to fix, solve, avoid or hide your scarcity – pretending “everything is great” when it’s really not…

  • If you’ve tried all of the usual approaches for having the abundance you long for and they haven’t worked…

  • If something inside of you is calling to you – inviting you to try something new – something revolutionary…

  • If you want to experience the freedom, peace and joy that comes from living a life more aligned with your soul...

  • Or if you're simply curious to learn what this MONUMENTAL Money Shift is and what it offers you…

I invite you to join me with an open mind and an open heart.

So we can expose the invisible scarcity that has limited you far too long.

So you can make a MONUMENTAL Money Shift into a life of freedom, peace and joy – in abundance!

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Dates & Times To Be Announced
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