This tomato plant is a miracle.

Do you see it – growing there amidst the grass?

How it got there, Dan and I can only wonder.  You see, it’s growing smack dab in the middle of the yard, 6 feet away from our back door – in the shade. Our best guess is that Dan threw some dishwater in the grass that had a tomato seed in it.  And the seed took root and started to grow.

Like I said, it’s a miracle.  As is the fact that it has grown so much and now has its first few blossoms.  That is how strong its inner impulse for life and growth is.

Which is what makes this same tomato plant such a great tragedy.

Given its location smack dab in the middle of our yard, this tomato is going to have a hard time. Sure, it can survive. But choked by the thick grass in which it is rooted, its growth will be stunted.  If tomatoes could struggle, it will have to struggle and work hard for any growth it achieves.

This tomato will never truly THRIVE. It may produce a few more blossoms.  If we have a long enough (and warm enough) Fall, it may even produce a few tomatoes.  But it will never become the tomato plant it has the innate potential to be.  It will never produce an abundance of tomatoes.

Which is exactly what happens to us when we are trying to realize our full potential in a world built on scarcity.  This is what happens to us when we are living our lives rooted in an unseen Archetype of Scarcity.

Like this tomato plant, YOU are a miracle, my friend.  Each and every one of us are.  The impulse for life inside of you – the impulse to grow, blossom and produce fruit – is amazingly  strong.  It is a sacred impulse.  It is the Divine Spirit within you that is the source of this life energy.

Like the tomato plant, however, you are also a tragedy This tomato plant is the perfect metaphor for what it’s like to live in the unseen Archetype of Scarcity.  No matter how much you want it or how hard you try, you will never be able to fully become all that you were created to be.

Yes, you will survive.  You may even blossom a little and produce some fruit – but it will be a fraction of your inner potential.  You can never truly THRIVE – any more than this tomato could in its current location.  And this is especially true when it comes to money.

As you can see, the grass in our yard is tall.  Tomorrow we need to mow.  But before we do, I’m going to dig up this miraculous tomato.  I will replant it in a pot filled with rich soil and put it in the bright sunshine.

I simply couldn’t mow it down.  It would break my heart.  I just can’t kill it.

This is how I feel about YOU, my friend.  When I see the people I work with struggling to survive or choked by weeds, my heart breaks.  When I see someone unable to fully live the life they were created to live, my heart weeps. Especially when it’s because of money or the fears they have about money.

And I want to transplant them to a better location.  I want to transplant YOU to a better location.

Only I can’t.  All I can do is announce that there IS a better “location” for you.  That you do not have to live your life rooted in the unseen Archetype of Scarcity that permeates our world.  That you do not have to grow amidst scarcity, like the grass around the tomato plant.

You can replant yourself in the ancient and sacred Archetype of Abundance. Rooted in a new understanding of abundance, you can grow, thrive, blossom and produce fruit.  You can access all the resources you need, including money, to fully be the miraculous human being you are.

Because it breaks my heart to see you struggling.  It breaks my heart to see you held back because of money – or your fears about money.  It breaks my heart to see you dying on the inside. To see the expression of the Divine potential within you stunted because of money.

But I cannot transplant YOU in the same way I can dig up and replant our miracle tomato plant.

WHAT I CAN DO is show you how you can replant yourself.  I can show you how you can  root yourself in a sacred Archetype of Abundance.

It’s no secret that I’ve lived most of my life choked by the weeds of scarcity.  My ability to thrive was stunted by the weeds of fear, lack, guilt, shame and “not enough”.

But no longer.  I’ve replanted myself.  The Archetype of Abundance is the new foundation for my life.  And it’s what I practice living from every day.

Those weeds of scarcity still pop up for me to pull. And I don’t always know the growth that lies before me.  I don’t always know when or how I will produce fruit.   I don’t have all the answers.

Yet I have experienced the difference it’s made in the joy I feel and the newfound sense of freedom I have.  In the ways I’ve grown, the support I’ve received, and the money I’ve made.

And that’s what I’m inviting you to, my friend.  I’m inviting you to “replant yourself” in the fertile soil that I call the Archetype of Abundance.

If that sounds like something you want…

If you want to end the struggle, the stress, the stunted growth and unrealized potential inside of you…

If growing, thriving, blossoming and producing fruit is what you want…

Then please join me in my upcoming FREE webinar and let’s get you replanted!

A monumental shift – a life-giving shift – awaits you.  Reserve your spot today.

Because, just like my tomato plant, I want you to LIVE, my friend.

FULLY live.