Your current definition of abundance is the thing that is keeping you (and us!) in scarcity…

This new definition is a GAME-CHANGER – for this world and our planet!

Before I tell you what this new definition is, I want you to EXPERIENCE it for yourself in this 5-minute video.

Even if you’re not experiencing scarcity yourself,  your current understanding of abundance could be perpetuating scarcity in our world.

I’m sure it’s not intentional. It’s probably happening subconsciously.

That’s why embracing a new definition of abundance is vital!  A definition that recognizes abundance is not an individual experience. Nor is it the result of individual effort.

It’s a definition that, I pray, will both challenge you and inspire you to help create a world where all people have the resources they need to do what you’ve been able to do. To prosper.

Ready to Practice?

Want to begin to have the same kind of life-giving relationship with money that you have with oxygen?

Here are two powerful ways to begin…

Step #1: Embrace this New Understanding of Abundance

To do so, it’s important that you keep it on the forefront of your mind.

Put a copy of the new definition in a place where you will see it regularly. One or more times a day, take some long, slow, rhythmic breaths while saying it to yourself – preferably OUT LOUD.

Step #2:  Join the “A Chair for Everyone” Community

This community will be a place where we all, myself included, come together to discover how to end the giant game of “musical chairs” we’ve been playing.

It will be a place to be challenged and supported – and inspired – to play a new game. A game where there is a chair for everyone. Where all people and our planet are respected and empowered to prosper.

Add Your Chair to Our Community