I still remember that phone call last August and the panic in Nikky’s voice. 

“Greg blew his knee out. He can’t work. He can’t even walk. He needs to have surgery. What are we going to do?”

Greg is Nikky’s husband. At the time, he was a self-employed handyman and builder in the midst of his busiest season. He had several jobs midway to completion and wouldn’t be paid until they were done.  He also had even more contracts for jobs he hadn’t started. If he couldn’t finish them, he wouldn’t get paid.  Not only that, he’d have to refund the deposit he’d already received.   

But all of those jobs – and his income – ground to a halt that day he blew out his knee. And with surgery ahead, it was going to stay that way for three months – probably longer.  

I first began working with Nikky in the beta version of my Soul Work of Money™ program in November 2020.  So I knew the impact of all of this. I immediately understood her panic. Once I share their back story, I’m sure you will as well. 

You see, Nikky and Greg had a family to support, a mortgage and other debts to pay. Their expenses averaged between $6,000 – $7,000 each month.  Greg’s income was 60-70% of the income they used to cover those expenses.  And summer – his busiest season – is when he always made extra money. That was the money they needed to help them through the winter months when business was slower.   

Nikky had her own business too. She had just finished being certified as a Fearless Living Coach® the month before. She calls herself “The BUT Lady.” It was the business of her dreams – one she felt her entire life had prepared her for. One she felt God had called her to. But she was just getting started. So she had NO IDEA how much money she could (or would) be able to make – especially right away.

When this all happened, they had a little more than $1000 in their bank account.   Greg’s business had about $4,000. The only KNOWN income they had was about $2500 Nikky received monthly as part of an inheritance from her mom.  

Given all of this, I’m sure you can understand Nikky’s panic.  Before I tell you what happened next, I invite you to put yourself in her shoes.  What would you do? 

  • Would you crawl into bed, pull the covers over your head and try to pretend it wasn’t happening?
  • Would you immediately put your business on hold and go get a “real job”?
  • Would you cover your expenses by putting a lot of your spending on a credit card or taking out a home equity loan?
  • Would you cut back ALL spending except the essentials – especially money for having fun?
  • Would you try to kick your business into overdrive – working morning, noon and night?
  • Would you try reducing your fees and working with ANYONE who would pay you – even if they weren’t a good fit?  

Believe me, these are just a few of the options Nikky considered. 

Spoiler alert:  Nikky didn’t do any of those things. What she did instead is an inspiring story of TRUE abundance.