The above picture is of the spaghetti squash plant growing in our garden.  As you can see, it’s really struggling.  It’s produced a few squash but some of the vines are dying and we don’t know if those few fruit will fully ripen.

The frustrating thing is that Dan and I don’t know why.  We haven’t had a lot of rain – but we’ve watered regularly.  We’ve checked the plant every day for squash bugs and cucumber beetles – killing them and their eggs.  Truth be told, we haven’t found all that many.

The other day we learned that something may be “off” in the soil.  Not only could that impact the plant, it also allows bacteria and predatory bugs to thrive. That surprised us – but it also makes sense.  Because the quality of the soil that plants grow in impacts everything.

Despite all of our hard work – watering, mulching & bug patrol – the bottom line is that this plant is not thriving.  It’s surviving – but not thriving.  It’s perplexing, disappointing and frustrating.

Yesterday I realized this same thing happens for us when the “soil” we’re living in is The Archetype of Scarcity.

Whether we like to admit it or not, so many of us are like our squash plant.  We’re all unique expressions of Divine Spirit with unique gifts to offer our world.  We’re meant to grow, thrive and produce fruit – in abundance.  Yet far too many of us are not.  We’re making a living and might even be making a lot of money.  We’re surviving – but not THRIVING.

We’re doing what we’ve been taught, working hard, and doing the “right things” – but we’re still not THRIVING physically, emotionally, spiritually OR financially.  That’s true for us individually AND collectively.

And the real frustration is that, just like Dan and I with our squash plant, we often don’t know why.

God knows I didn’t know why I wasn’t thriving in my first 20+ years as an Abundance Coach – or before that.  I knew all the right things to do.  Heck – I TAUGHT most of them.

But now I do. 

You see, my friend, true THRIVING is not possible when the “soil” you’re trying to grow in is The Archetype of Scarcity.  When it’s the “operating system” that runs in the background of everything you do. 

TRUE thriving is only possible when the “soil” you’re growing in supports life and growth – in abundance.  Because that “soil” also prevents the “predatory bugs of scarcity” from taking over.

It’s taken me most of my lifetime to realize that TRUE thriving is only possible when our “operating system” is one of abundance.  What I now call The Sacred Archetype of Abundance.

This is the “operating system” I now embrace and practice living from every day.  It’s the one I am committed to empowering you to live from as well.  So that you – and the people you love – can grow, thrive and share your unique gifts with the world.  So that you will have all the resources you need to fully live the life you were created to be – including money.

Dan and I can’t do much to change the soil our squash plant is in – at least not this year.   But you CAN do something to change your “soil” and “operating system”, my friend..

And the first step is to see EXACTLY why you can never THRIVE inside the Archetype of Scarcity. Once you see that, I think you’ll be eager to change your “operating system” to the Sacred Archetype of Abundance.

I’ve created a series of SHORT videos that will support you to do both – beginning with a really short, 3-minute one.  

Even if you’ve been in my world for a long time, I strongly encourage you to watch these videos.  As you’ll discover, there are some new dimensions and nuances to this work that you haven’t experienced before.  

You can watch the first video here>>>

When you do, I’d love to hear how you respond – and what your “choice” will be.