Congratulations my friend!
Now that you’ve said “YES”, how would you like to get even MORE out of this breakthrough event???

When you upgrade, you’ll be able to join the interactive, small-group coaching calls I’ll be hosting each day after the LIVE broadcast. 

These LIVE and interactive calls will take place on Zoom immediately after each day’s LIVE broadcast and last approximately 60 minutes – ending at 11:30 a.m. CST.

Imagine being part of a small community of like-minded, breakthrough-seeking individuals who will inspire and support you to get the most out of this six-day event.

Imagine having the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics I cover in each day’s broadcast.  When we have time to unpack more treasures for you to utilize and experience on each topic – plus answer any questions you have. 

Imagine having just a little extra accountability for you to take action every day – but without the pressure. 

Best of all, imagine having the opportunity for me to support you one-on-one in short “spotlight coaching” sessions.  (Even if YOU don’t want to be “in the spotlight”, I guarantee you’ll learn from the others who will.)

This, and more, is what’s possible for you when you choose to OPTIMIZE your breakthrough. 

Upgrade to the OPTIMIZED Breakthrough Experience for $67!

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Here’s why I’m offering this option, my friend.

I don’t know if it’s true for you, but many of my clients think that they have to or should be able to do things themselves. They’re an independent bunch – the “John Waynes” and “Jane Waynes” of the modern world. Not only do they think they can handle things themselves, they think they SHOULD be able to. They are the ultimate “do-it-yourselfers” and it’s a pattern that sets up unnecessary struggle and frustration.

That’s why I’m offering this opportunity for you to get additional learning, growth and breakthroughs – IN COMMUNITY with others. It’s why I want to be able to support you personally – to “get my hands on you” – during these seven days.

Because, as you will quickly discover, it’s what will OPTIMIZE the value and breakthroughs you get from this event.

Upgrade to the OPTIMIZED Breakthrough Experience for $67!

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Here’s what past participants in the OPTIMIZED program experienced…

Choosing to upgrade to Optimized last year made a big difference for me. I was not only able
to get deeper breakthroughs from what Teresa was teaching, I got her personal insights on my
situation. That’s PURE GOLD to me. I also got the support and connection to the Optimized
community – many of whom I now consider friends. If you’re on the fence, say YES to
Optimized. Say YES to more breakthroughs. Say HELL YES to YOU!

Lisa Robbin Young

Founder Ark Entertainment Media , Nashville, TN

I optimized last year because I wanted to squeeze all the juice out of Teresa’s teachings and it
was very valuable. I listened intently to help me see my blind spots and learned new ways to
look at my abundance. It gave me some of the “head tilts” you hear her talk about! I took my
abundance to a new level of resolve. I so appreciated all the insight the extra access gave me!!

Sarah Stokes

Business Breakthrough Coach, The Juicy Good Life, Eau Claire, WI

Working with Teresa never fails to surprise me. No matter the event, her amazing intuition and
the clarity she gives me is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. That’s why I decided to
upgrade for the Optimized program last year and I’m so glad I did. The opportunity to dive
deeper into the subject each day – in community with others – was exactly the extra support I
needed to get the breakthroughs I wanted. The calls were the perfect mix of compassion,
honesty, and accountability I needed to begin to drop my judgment and shame and face my
fears around money. By the end of the week I had begun to trust myself around money at a
whole new level.

Nikky Plunkett

New Beginnings Life Coaching, Madison, WI

The choice is yours, my friend…

But since you’ve already decided to go for a breakthrough, let’s do all we can (together) to OPTIMIZE the breakthroughs and transformation you experience.

Are you IN?