During my prayer time this morning, I was getting a pretty strong message.  So I started to record it in my journal.

It’s something I’ve known – in my HEAD.  But this morning it hit me at a whole new level. Because it might speak to you as much as it did me, I decided to share it.  Here’s the message – verbatim.


You were given permission the day you were born. 

Permission to be the one-of-a-kind YOU that you were created to be. 

Permission to feel what you feel, think what you think, want what you want, need what you need. 

Permission to dream. 

Permission to act on your dreams.  

Permission to succeed and fail.

Permission to make mistakes.

Permission to learn and grow – or not.

Permission to love AND to be loved.

Permission to choose what you will do with this one glorious life you’ve been given.

You were given this permission the day you were born – by the One who created you to be YOU.

Trust it. 

Trust YOU.

I hope this message supports you today as much as it did me . (And I’d love to hear how and if it does!)

Be well, my friend. LIVE well, my friend.

Trust this message.  Trust who you are AND Whose you are.

With all my love~