When I sat down to write this, I had LOTS of ideas – yet none of them were coming together. So I let all them go, went straight to my heart and felt this prayer emerge. It’s a prayer (and dream) I have for you – as well as for myself and our world.

I pray that, in the depths of your being, you know you are loved – completely and unconditionally. I pray that you know you are important – that YOU being here in our world matters.

You are no accident nor are you a mistake. You are a unique expression of Divine Spirit in human form. You were created on purpose – with Divine purpose. While you may not ever know or understand what that purpose is, I pray that you trust this Truth.

I pray that you know you are part of Something Bigger than you. Something Bigger than your individual life, perceptions and efforts. I pray this truth penetrates every cell of your body – down to the core of your being. And that you are able to open to, connect with and trust in this Something Bigger more and more each day.

In doing so, I pray that you are able to trust that the resources you need to fully be who you were created to be ARE available. Maybe not for the next week or next year – but they are available for THIS moment, for THIS situation, for THIS day. They’re available WITHIN you and they’re available all around you.

I pray that you learn to recognize, access and utilize these resources in ways that support you to grow in love, joy, peace and fulfillment. That empower you to share the GIFT that you are and the gifts you’ve been given with our world.

Thus, I pray that you help to create a world where all people, everywhere, are able to trust these same Truths. To know that they, too, are loved and important – that they matter. That they, too, were created on purpose – with Divine purpose.

I dream of a world that experiences the abundance that comes from knowing these Truths. A world where ALL people, everywhere, have the resources they need to live rich and meaningful lives.

This is my prayer for you…

It is my prayer for me…

It’s my prayer for our world.

My friend, will you join me in this prayer and this dream?

If so, please reply and let me know that “You’re IN!”