It’s time for you to stop all the doing, all the striving, all the stressing. It’s time for you to…

NOTE: Registration closes Friday, 10/27 at noon CDT. 

We live in a world that has programmed us to pursue, strive for, create and/or achieve abundance. Abundance is considered a goal we achieve and a destination to reach.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way – with all of the pressure, frustration, stress and fear that goes with it?

What if – instead of pursuing, working hard for and striving for abundance – the most important practice to develop is one of RESTING in abundance?  Of resting IN the Source of All Life and Abundance?

It’s a countercultural practice. In today’s world, resting is often confused with being lazy, unmotivated, unproductive. When and if we do “rest”, we often feel guilty or can’t really relax. When and if we do, we later feel pressure and stress as we try to “catch up” on all that didn’t get done while we rested.

Any chance you can relate to some or all of this, my friend?

If so, consider these words of the rabbi Jesus – as quoted in Christian scripture…

“Come to Me…and I will give you rest.”

No matter your religious background or current spiritual beliefs, this invitation is an important one to heed in today’s busy and fast-paced world, with its many pressures and obligations. Doubly so when you consider something else Jesus said when he walked this earth…

“I came that you might have Life…Life in abundance.”

Life – IN abundance – is your birthright, my friend!

But not “abundance” as it is defined in our world. Not “abundance” that is the result of striving, pushing, forcing, driving yourself to make things happen or to achieve a certain level of results – especially financially.

You see, my friend, any conversation about abundance that does not address your connection to and
relationship with the Source of Abundance is an incomplete and disempowering conversation.

Which is exactly why I’m offering this retreat.

Our souls – yours and mine – call to us, inviting us to REST.

Inviting us to trust. To open to the experience of Life – IN abundance.

Our souls invite us to step out of “business as usual”. To reconnect with ourselves and with the abundance of that lies within us and surrounds us.  To OPEN to and experience the abundance that is available to us, we must learn and integrate the practice of REST.

Which is EXACTLY what this Day of Retreat will support you to do.  

Combining meditation, prayer, presentation, experiential activities, individual solitude plus group discussion, this day gives you an opportunity to slow down. It gives you an opportunity to be still and experience, once again, your connection with the Source of Life and Abundance. It gives you an opportunity to join with others for a day of connection, reflection, blessing and gift. A day to experience the abundance around you and within you.

Tuition is $139**

**this includes a healthy & yummy lunch.
(Any dietary restrictions you have can be honored.)

As much as I’d like to promise you’d walk away with “X” or “Y” results – that’s not the way it works. 

In fact, to think you need to have a certain result or learn a certain thing is just more of our habitual striving and achieving. It’s yet another manifestation of our culturally-engrained need to be productive – and our fear of not being enough if we’re not. In our society today, when we don’t have “results” to show for our actions, we often thing we’ve wasted both time and money. But it’s simply NOT true.

So the most honest – and abundant – answer to the question is….

“Only God/Source knows” the gifts you will be given throughout this day.

What I CAN promise you is that you will receive many gifts.

I can also promise you…

  • An embodied knowing of the importance of “rest” and why it’s at the core of all spiritual traditions. And why it’s a NECESSARY practice when it comes to abundance.
  • The opportunity to discover what is at the core of our inability to rest and how “resting” is about more than relaxing your body and quieting your mind.  
  • A clearer awareness of the distinctions between “busyness” and “fullness”, “selfishness” and “self-centeredness”, “production” and “creation”. 
  • A deeper understanding of the “why” and “how” for developing a rhythm in your life that honors your need for “rest” and renewal in God/Source
  • A greater sense of feeling relaxed, nourished and renewed – more fully connected to God/Source, yourself and the people and world around you.

Tuition is $139**

**this includes a healthy & yummy lunch.
(Any dietary restrictions you have can be honored.)

My friend, if you’re feeling stressed, struggling or overwhelmed in your life right now…

If you’re feeling like you’re not enough or what you do isn’t good enough…

If you’re in a rut, grieving or in transition….

Come… Rest In Abundance! 

If you want to better hear the voice of the Diving supporting and guiding you…

If you’re longing to make new friends or deepen existing friendships…

If you want to experience how deeply and unconditionally you are loved by the One who created you…

Come… Rest In Abundance! 

If you want to experience the freedom, peace and joy that comes from living a life more aligned with your soul…

If something inside of you is calling you to MORE…

Even if you’re feeling grateful and blessed in your life now…

Come! Rest In Abundance …

NOTE: Registration closes Friday, 10/27 at noon CDT. 

Tuition is $139**

**this includes a healthy & yummy lunch.
(Any dietary restrictions you have can be honored.)