We once had a neighbor with a PERFECTLY manicured lawn.  It was Paul’s pride and joy.  He would spend hours EVERY DAY working in it – trimming, mowing, watering, aerating and fertilizing.

If a dandelion ever DARED to grow in his lawn, it would be zapped with weed killer the moment it appeared.

Our lawn, on the other hand, was anything but perfect.  In truth, it was probably the bane of Paul’s existence.  We mowed once a week, at best.   Not wanting to use toxic fertilizers, our yard had some patches where the grass was sparse.   And since we refused to use toxic weed killers, dandelions were not only common – they were plentiful!

Next to Paul’s perfectly manicured lawn, our yard looked pretty rough.  Even downright MESSY!

Which didn’t bother me – except when we were entertaining guests.  Then my deep-seated need to impress and look good kicked into high gear.  I could hear the voice of my mother echoing in my mind, “What will people think?”

Preparing for our guests always involved cleaning our house and fixing a great meal. Spring and summer, it ALSO meant cleaning up our yard. One or two days BEFORE our guest’s arrival, I’d make sure Dan mowed the grass and trimmed the edges along the sidewalk.

I wanted to make sure the mowing got done a couple of days in advance so it wouldn’t LOOK  like we had just mowed. I wanted our place to look good – but I also didn’t want our guests to think we went to a lot of trouble.  I wanted them to think that our yard ALWAYS looked that good.

The problem with my strategy was it gave the dandelions time to blossom again.  Inevitably, on the day our guests arrived, our yard would be filled with yellow and white blossoms.  Definitely NOT the look I wanted to portray.

The answer to the riddle can be found in what I did next…

I did what anyone deeply committed to “looking good” would do.  I did what anyone who thinks a messy yard makes them “look bad” would do.

I got out the grass clippers and cut off all the dandelion tops! And for the next few hours, while we entertained, our yard looked beautiful.  EXACTLY the way I wanted it to look.

I created an appearance of beauty that couldn’t last. 

It couldn’t last because mowing or cutting off the tops of dandelions doesn’t get rid of them.  For that, you have to dig up (or kill) the taproot.   Killing it would have involved using toxic pesticides, so that wasn’t an option for us.  Our only option was to dig up all of the taproots.

Which seemed overwhelming.  And too much work.  Besides, it would take too long.

Never mind all the time and effort Dan and I put into creating an “appearance” of a well-manicured yard.  Looking back, that probably took more time than digging up the taproots once and for all would have taken.

And so, my friend, we come to the answer to my riddle…

You see, what I did with those dandelions is exactly the same thing I use to do with our finances.  Especially when we were drowning in debt.  And it’s what I see so many people doing as well – especially the ones who choose to work with me.

The scarcity we experience with money is like our dandelions.   It might be recurring debt.  It might be living paycheck to paycheck, no matter how much money we make.   For some of us, it’s chronically feeling afraid or guilty spending money – even if we have it.

Scarcity around money is like Baskin-Robbins ice cream.  It comes in MANY different flavors.

But the approach we take to it does not.  Bottom line, we think we need to get rid of it. To change our experience of “not enough” into an experience of “enough, lots or plenty”.  We spend less to have more.  We work harder to make more.  We try to get out of debt.  We set up a budget to start saving. .  We take all of these actions to get rid of the experience of “not enough” around money.

And more often than not, we do so while still trying to “look good”.  To come across as successful, happy, confident, professional, positive.  To come across as abundant.

We don’t want anyone to know the truth.  To see the REAL state of our lives and our finances.  Because they are proof of our inner, secret fear WE are “not enough” in some way.

For a time, our efforts may seem to work.  And then, just like dandelions, the scarcity comes back.


It’s because we haven’t “dug down” to get to the taproot of what’s really going on.  The taproot that has the scarcity never really go away. Even if we do get out of debt.  Even if we make more money.

There’s a “taproot” of scarcity in our culture and our world, my friend.  And that collective “taproot” has also taken root inside of you  at a subconscious level.

It’s this taproot that creates and perpetuates your scarcity.  And until you “dig it up”, no amount of MORE money is going to stop the fear, guilt and scarcity you experience.

Trust me, I know.

It’s this hidden, unaddressed “taproot” that I expose in my free Scarcity Exposed! webinar.

If you’re ready to get rid of your “scarcity dandelions” once and for all, I invite you to join me.

Know that we’ll dig deep – all pun intended.

Reserve your spot today.

If you do, what you are about to discover is that you don’t have to put yourself through so many gyrations to “look good”.  You ALREADY ARE GOOD, my friend.  

And this is true no matter how messy your “money yard” might be.

You are important.  You are worthy.  You are beautiful.

AS you are, WHERE you are – dandelions and all.

I promise!