The belief that you should be able to fix your money problems by yourself is a belief shared by many people.

It’s a belief that’s reinforced by our concept of abundance.

We live in a world where abundance (and success) is a function of money and external results.

It’s a definition that often has us measure ourselves based on external results. Albeit subconsciously, you might believe that your money problems make you a failure. That you’re inadequate and “not enough” in some way.

This is one reason why so many people try to fix their money problems by themselves.

They think doing so will PROVE that they are “enough”. And if they can’t, they don’t want anyone to know – it’s too embarrassing.

Add to this fact that, in our world, abundance is thought to be an INDIVIDUAL experience. It’s an individual goal WE achieve through our own effort and hard work. We live in a world that celebrates the “self-made” man or woman.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Trying to fix your money problems by yourself will only add to those problems. It will also perpetuate your sense of “not enough” and “inadequacy”.

That’s why embracing a new definition of abundance is vital. It’s your first step toward solving your money problems for good.