I salute you for your honesty.

It’s a courageous thing to admit you feel “less than” and inadequate because you’re not making much money.

You are not alone.

LOTS of people feel the exact same way.

I felt that way for years.

It’s really not surprising.  We live in a world where abundance (and success) is equated with making lots of money.

This idea of abundance makes it a goal you have to achieve. It’s a place to get to – one day, in the future. It makes abundance something outside of you. Something separate from you. 

All of which means you’re “not there” – you’re not abundant – today.

The result?

You continue to experience scarcity when it comes to money. You continue to use how much money you make as a measure of yourself. Subconsciously, you make it mean something about YOU.

And you continue to feel “less than” and not enough – even if you don’t like to admit it.

That’s why it’s so important for you to embrace a new definition of abundance. One that allows you to experience abundance within yourself – no matter your finances.