I acknowledge you for your honesty, my friend.

Know that you are not alone.

Spending money to look successful, confident, generous, etc. is a pattern shared my many.

(Myself included.)

After all, we live in a world that equates abundance and success with externals like money, possessions, achievements and accomplishments.

The problem with this idea of abundance is this…

When you don’t have those things, you feel like a failure. You feel inadequate and deficient. You feel less than or not enough.

And nobody wants to feel like that!

One strategy to avoid those feelings is by spending money to look “better”. To hide the truth of who you are and your current finances, level of success and the like. So no one will know.

The problem is that this strategy doesn’t really work. Doubly so if you spend money you don’t really have.

Any pattern of pretending to be something you’re not…

Any pattern that has you hide the truth of who you are…

Winds up reinforcing your sense of being not enough, inadequate and deficient in some way.

And it blocks you from the well-being, joy, freedom, peace of mind and abundance you long to experience.

To experience ALL of that and more, my friend, you need a new understanding of abundance. You need a definition of abundance that is not a function of externals. One that empowers you to experience abundance within yourself – as you are.