At first glance, making more money (or getting out of debt) seems to be the OBVIOUS solution to scarcity.

It’s what our world has us believe.

If scarcity is not having enough money, then abundance is having LOTS or plenty of money.  Right?

But the problem with this idea is that it makes abundance a goal to achieve or a destination to reach. All you have to do is make more and/or spend less money to get FROM scarcity TO abundance.

And it’s simply not true!

Because abundance is not a function of how much money you have. It’s not a destination to reach – one day.

Thinking of abundance this way – even if it’s subconscious – makes it SEPARATE from you. Which means that abundance will ALWAYS be separate from you.

No matter how much money you make or how much debt you pay off, you won’t experience it.

Don’t get me wrong!

Making more money and/or paying off debt may be something you need or want to do. But it won’t make you abundant!

To experience the freedom, peace of mind and joy you long for, you need a new definition of abundance. One that is not dependent on you making more money. One that no longer makes it something separate from you.