So none of them describe you?

If that is truly the case, I congratulate you.

If none of the scarcity patterns describe you, it’s likely because you have a healthy and empowering relationship with money. Same for your relationship with yourself.

It could also mean that, financially, you’re in a good place.

Perhaps you have (or had) a good income, you invested money well and have spent it wisely.  You might have a great lifestyle and are on track for retirement.

Maybe you’ve already retired!

Despite your experience, I stand by this bold statement I regularly make…

“The way we do money isn’t working!”

I’m clear that the way you’re “doing money” seems to be working. And that your life is abundant and fulfilling as a result.

And I am THRILLED for you, my friend!

At the same time, I am inviting – even challenging – you to go beyond what you already know.

To grow beyond what you’ve already done. To see past your current understanding of abundance and the model you’ve used for how you “do” money.

Because the way we do money isn’t working for a vast majority of people. And it’s definitely not working for our planet.

Which means that, in time, it won’t keep working for you.

Despite the success you’ve achieved, my friend, I invite you to embrace a new definition of abundance. One that is not a function of the quantity of externals you have – like money. One that does not make abundance an individual experience. Nor does it make it the result of individual effort. A definition that recognizes that the “self-made man” or “self-made woman” is a myth.

I invite you to embrace this new definition for two reasons…

First, to increase your own joy, well-being, peace and fulfillment.

Secondly, to inspire you to help create a world where all people have their own version of what you have.

Where they, too, have the resources they need – like money – to live rich and meaningful lives.

So that they – like you – can prosper.

And so can our planet.